Friday, April 4, 2014


I opened my eyes with a sense of precaution, my face abashing, and my fingers sensing the features of my face, rising hastily to my nostrils to check whether I breathe.

It took a few minutes to recoup conscience, that I had not fallen from a cliff, as I had dreamt, but just from the bed.

My back hurt, my elbows, even more, but the whimsical look that he gave, at the fallen- me, hurt the worst.

Now, how do I tell him that  his nagging, unceasing, Just- do- it advices, deluded me to dream of driving a two wheeler to a mountain??

I climbed back to the bed, assuring myself that I 'll  learn to drive, all alone!

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  1. This story links the two prompts well, Priya! Can identify with the heroine here :)

  2. Haha...nice one...very uplifting. And yes, sometimes, you need to just do it!

  3. Ah, this is my recurring dream too, although mine involves a car. I ride the scooter with confidence ;) Nicely done!


    A to Z Challenge, 2014
    Introspection in Shades of 11

  4. thanks Babbler and shailaja, welcome to my blog:) Ya, at times, we need to pat ourselves, na to just do it? and yes, shailaja, i have experiences with both, car and bike, with my DH and my dad correspondingly!! :) Now, it's better!

  5. Nice story. Might have to wear that motorcycle helmet while sleeping - just in case there's another dream of a crash!

  6. Ha ha.. better 'she' learns to drive, before that happens again!! :) thanks sir, welcome!!


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