Sunday, April 20, 2014

Can't wait, sigh!

The lift halted abruptly with a sudden jerk and eventually, the lights went off. The transients of the lift were employees of the IT company, which was reigning almost 75% of the gigantic complex.

"I know, I know, this frequent power cuts, what the hell is this government doing man, they don't comply with the basic necessities of the citizens, but concentrate on foreign collaborations, damn them man!!"- IT folk no.1

"What to say, sir, I was planning for a dinner with my wife, after a long time.. Don't know when the power will resume, ahem.."-IT folk no.2.

"You won't get home by tonight"- sarcastic no.1.

"Oh God, my girlfriend is waiting downstairs.. sir, do you have network access in your mobile?"-IT no.3

"Did you check yours?", again no.1.

For the next few seconds, mumbles, mutters, rumblings unanimously rose from everyone who had completely forsaken the idea of 'generators', and  the entire world of living and non-living things(including the lift) were getting cursed for.

In not less than a minute, the power recurred, and the lift operator gazed through each of the geek's face with a sense of curiosity to affix the agonies- spit-out  into each of their personalities.

While some of them held their heads down in awkwardness, IT no.1 started again, "This generators, you know man…"


'It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness', but, do we? Hmmm… sigh…well, umm… It is our national quality!!

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  1. This was truly an interesting read. I wonder why I never read this before! ( Is it easy to find your blog from your commenting profile? )

    Frankly, I am reading this post specifically due to the discussion on the "Hot.. Hot.. Hot.." prompt.

    I agree with you that your latest post is a lot more polished than this. I actually related to it. I have seen posts like it - not even as good as it - get selected repeatedly by WoW. But that's just my opinion.

    But from a purely writing point of view, this one is quite good! Different IT characters mumbling stuff in a stuck lift is funny. The premise trumps polish.

    Lastly, I'm always very happy to see posts that are different from the usual cliched desi blog fiction. So as long as you keep posting interesting/varied stuff, I'll keep reading and commenting on them. :) ;)

    PS: Are you also one of us IT people? O.o

  2. Oh my God! Pawan.. should say that i am flattered.. first of all, i am a housewife with 2 kids, 7 year and 2 years old respectively, and i just started blogging as a time-pass. Eventually, i got acquainted with BA and then all this started.. I admit that i don't write extraordinarily, but try to sneak in something quite different.. Thank you again.. You are most most welcome..btw, I do have an fb page ;) Just check on the top left of the page..I don't show up often, because i am afraid that getting too much to the blogosphere, demands my time and i may become negligent of my 'mommy' chores!! :)

    1. That's lovely. :)
      I write to maintain a hobby that is different from work. I don't post very often -- mostly just on weekends.
      I like to act like I'm too busy to maintain a regular blog and that prefer to maintain quality over quantity, but the truth is that I'm just too lazy. :P

  3. :) I am too much bound to duties.. whichever work I choose to indulge, i am into it completely and can't give it up for any reason and that's what i am afraid of.. But, writing for some prompts seems to be easy and i do that for my self-satisfaction.. I hope i have told you that i have enjoyed reading your posts too..


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