Saturday, March 29, 2014


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The police station was in a state of dramatic tensity, as it would always be. Three persons were confronted, and the it was the constable's turn to inquire. The first of the suspected, a 14 year old boy, stood trembling, hands crossed across his chest, deliberately attempting to convince the constable that he was innocent.

"Sir sir, I didn't touch the money, sir.. I admit that I was tempted to taste the fresh made sweets, sir.. and that too, I took only one sir.. somebody who didn't like my sincerity, had complained to the shopkeeper, that I have stolen money, sir, please sir, leave me sir" was his constant mumble. The too many 'sirs' didn't seem to move the constable, in anyway.

He moved on to the next accused, still staring at the young boy. The next one was deliberately in tears. He was a peon in a nationalized bank. "Sir, I have a family, sir. Please listen to my words, sir, I was just cleaning the locker room, while I saw that one of the lockers was left unlocked. I was tempted to see what was inside, and while I just peeped for a look, I was caught. They tell that a gold necklace is missing and I took it. sir, I have never seen such a thing, sir. You can check me, sir", quivering, he was ready to fall on the constable's feet.

The last one, a young guy, was not that agitated as the earlier ones. He had already experienced enquiries of that sort, and he stood a bit, unperturbed. The constable neared him, with a sense of precaution, and waited for him to talk. " While seeing a young girl in a glamorous attire, talking loudly over the phone, I was tempted to start a conversation. But, she had complained that I pulled her hands, I didn't do that!", he spoke in a tone of negligence, looking somewhere else.

Ordering them to be seated in a corner till the inspector arrives, the constable went to the computer and while he was frantically searching for something in it, the Inspector arrived, sneering.

"To hell with you, what are you doing in my table, man? Trying to hack my computer? How dare, you?" blasted the Inspector to the constable, furiously.  "Sir, I heard that the promotion lists have been put on, sir.. I was tempted to look at it before you come, sir.. I didn't do anything wrong, sir" , the constable tried to cover up his embarrassment with hasty words. There was a whirl of seriousness in everyone's face.

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High up in heaven, lordess Saraswati, the dear wife of Lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe( according to Hindu mythology), was peeping down at the police station scenario, while Brahma gave her a gentle stroke, asking, "Dear, what are you looking at?"

"Lord, I could sense a chaos at the police station and I was tempted to have a look" she replied with a curious grin.

The lord replied with a loud laughter, "hmm.. that is because, I created the human beings with one indispensable quality.. Temptation!!"

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Friday, March 28, 2014


Lillie McFerrin Writes

Few minutes after the train from Chennai to Jammu whistled a start, their courtship began with a casual grin and an extended handshake, both forcefully trying to get acquainted with their two day companion.

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Their slow conversations carried emotions of surprises, regrets, gratitude, anger and inspiration of their respective lives, they could sense a feeling of mutual respect budding, and they felt so happy for having met.

In the midst of it, both of them would indulge  in reading, but again, within a few minutes they would end up in some sort of discussion, getting enthralled by the similar wavelength of thoughts.

A the destination, minutes after they exchanged hugs and parting, they both realized, of all  things shared, they have missed the most important of all, their contact numbers!!

Searching sheepishly for each other, they both sighed, "Some companions exist for a short time, but their memories last long!"

Written as a part of FSF by lillie mcferrin.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Winning isn't everything!

Spicy Saturday
The ambience of the room was a mix of anticipation, keenness and perception. Everyone hushed to their neighbors about whom they thought, would win. The finalists of the show, five kids, aged 5 to 7, had rendered their so-called final performance, and were standing in glossy, showy attires which had no connection to their age, or their hard earned talent.

They had their hands clenched, and  were heaving heavy breaths .They were getting ready either to rejoice their triumph or forfeit their failure, both with tears, as they were told to. Their parents were standing beside the screen, huffing and puffing and praying that their child should be selected as the "Shining Singer" of the season. They were trying to compose themselves and smile, concealing what was inside, and were wishing success to fellow parents, forcefully. Everyone had one common prayer, "My child must be the first!"

The audience cheered and roared as Arpita, the event in-charge, entered the stage, smiling. She held the mike in her hands and looking at the children, stated, "I am going to give each of you, a piece of paper, and inside is the name of the winner. As I signal you, you will open it and read the name written inside, agreed? "Saying so, she walked straightly to the children, gave each of them a folded piece of paper.

The parents were left in a state of agitation when they saw each of the children jumping in joy, and exchanging hugs and kisses between them, after reading the paper. Not leaving much to their musing, Arpita announced, "Today, there are five winners, and all these children stand here as winners because they have come a long way, sacrificed a lot of things, and have understood that fame doesn't come in a stride. Now, they have a cap. I wish them all the best, to add colorful feathers in the future. Congrats, parents, and thank you all!!". She walked back, with a smile on her face, leaving the audience, much to react.

 "What have you done? I could sense that the parents grew outrageous, they even felt offended, but were veiling their anger, am sure you are going to lose your name!!" blasted an angry Arjun to Arpita, behind the screen.

" I know, the parents are worried about the numbers, that their children attain, but the children aren't. They are contented with their performance and are happy for the appreciation. I am not worried about the parents, I care for the children.", Arpita sounded cool. Arjun questioned, "And what do you intend to teach the children? That they can never fail, and just because they made it today, they can anticipate every moment to be a winning moment?"

Arpita replied, "Wanting to win is a weakness, a weakness that can sometime stumble you into a dark tunnel, or alternatively elevate you to a cliff that may tether suddenly, and at this age the "connotation" of winning should neither deter nor detour them from their success stories... and they will learn to cope up with that as they grow up, not now!!"

With a reverence and gratitude building inside for her, and with an inspired mind, when Arjun was about to leave, arpita sounded from behind. "By the way, Arjun, can you point only one, who won your heart?" she asked, winking.

Outside, the audience were still hushing to each other..

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How "Perfume Kumar" went problemless!

                 Disclaimer: The character of this story may share some common traits with you, but I am sure, i didn't mean you!! This is purely my imagination!!

The connection, Kumar had with water was something cynical, to understand for a common man. Wherever, he went, there was a scarcity of water, and that was his problem. Problem is a trivial word, but the impact was so big, that even the gushing, daring waterfall of Courtallam, would transform into something like a thin, drivel of a flu struck small boy, the day Kumar was in it's vicinity. He grew with the lullabies of his granny, focused around the drought that he brought along, the day he was born. His fate was profoundly ill, that even after the drought perished, his connection with water was continuously in distress, all through the stages of life.

Surprises, successes, turning points, occurred hither and thither, but apparently or not, water always played the part of a villain, in his story.  People who made fun of his strange problem, too started to worry for him, when they heard his tearful story. He needed no one, to tell him that he smells bad, he was always prepared to spend for perfumes, instead of buying water to bathe, because he had realized, at one point, that buying perfumes would be easier than hunting for water.      


The day, he smells exclusively, it is understood that his skin has missed water. His acquaintances knew all the more, about him and his fatal connection with water, so have named him "perfume Kumar". And some of them, had offered him to share their room, to take a bath when he was badly in need of it, with a condition, to avail it if it was really needed. And after all, they didn't want to face the scarcity, that he would bring along.

And one of his friends came up with a solution that really sounded to be of help... He had told about an astrologer, who would predict future and pinpoint past, and that he would surely fix his friend's problem. Kumar believed in his words stupendously, arranged for an appointment, and slept with dreams where he sang, danced and bathed in places surrounded by mere water. The next day,

At the astrologer's place:

Kumar and his friend: Sir, I have told you a about my problem.. Now you know my past, I want you to predict a place where I can settle, in future, without any problem with water.

Astrologer: That doesn't cover up your past..

Kumar: what??

A: (with a long breath) Your last jenma, hmm…you were a stringent king, who never helped the poor, you were so mean to your fellowmen, and you suffer for that, now!!

K: (getting angry) How do I come out of my problem...? It would be better if you talk about that, sir!!

A: Ok, ok..(Getting afraid, that K may leave) wait!!

A: (after a few minutes, conversing with God!!) Ok, your problem can be solved. Just Rs.5000!  I will make a special pooja, and all your problems will vanish in a stride.

And Kumar, after sharing thoughts and discussions with his friend, decided to go for the pooja, and he strongly believed that his life was to face a wring  and twist. And they both left, relieved.

A few minutes after they left:

A's wife: (peeping from inside) Why did you ask for a 5000? That guy seems to be so innocent, could have asked a bit less. I was in tears when I heard his story.. And what will happen when he knows that your pooja didn't help him in anyway??

A: Come on, there is nothing to change, hereafter. It's all in his mind.. Do you believe that a thing like this can happen to anyone, in a country where there are still rivers running??

A's wife: (astonished) you mean to say that his connection with waters is his presumption and there is nothing like that? What about the waterfalls matter that he told?

A: aww, that idiot must have gone in an off-season time hearing another idiot, ha ha!

A's wife: (eyes wide) and what about the drought? He said he was born on a time, when there was a drought..

A: hmm.. that is the first thing that hinted me that his fear was his presumption..

A's wife: How?

A: Well, because, I too was born at the same time.. and many too would have.. In what ways will a drought be connected with a baby?? You think so??

Few kilometers away, Kumar was partying with his friend, one hoping that no one ask him, "What is the smell, boss?", ever again.. and the other, hoping to get relieved from the nauseating perfumes! and on their smiling faces reflected a beam of light from the neon sign board of 'racold water heaters'!

Written for the contest Close Encounters of the Smelly Kind by Indiblogger for Racold thermo ltd.

Monday, March 24, 2014

A tale of two!

If she was  the butter, creamy and soft,                
he was the then baked bread, scenting the loft

If one was the milk, other was sweet as the sugar
engulfing each other in a quick, steady spur

They, always like salt and pepper,
 added spice to the life of each other

With their onliest love, they bet and won,
Every best pair, even in heaven

And there was a spooky neighbor,
struck and pricked by the love in the air

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 the love and spirit of the pair,
she could never, ever, bear

like crazy Tom and rattled Jerry
she wanted to make them fiery

whatever she tried,
however she pried

 the sturdy pair,
Like the Sun and its orbit, never went despair!

 Like a bee saving honey,
 a movie making money
grew their stupendous love..
And even days after, the life they lived
Like soap and water, their glorious love outlived!!

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Friday, March 21, 2014

A Sunday, so serene!!

All of them in the house, the young couple, the elderly couple and the grown up kid looked seriously tensed, except little Arya. They were talking to themselves, questioning and giving directions to each other, searching desperately in all possible places. 

"Why don’t you search in his toy cart? He usually hides things there. I found my old pair of glasses, last week", said grandpa, putting his heads down, thinking that he may get rebuked for the new pair.

"I already did", hastily answered Anish, the teen.

"Are you sure that we don't have a spare?" asked Ram to his wife, for which she gave a scornful look.

Beneath the bed, under the couch, the racks, shelves in the kitchen, even the bathroom was completely scrutinized, all ending in vain.

"I left it here, when we went for the nap, and I don't understand whichever thief comes for this small thing!! You didn’t' empty the trash after that, right? " the bread winner was in real agony for the lost one, and was blurting with tension, that he couldn't handle.

"Come on dad, things lost will come back to us, some way or the other, and besides, you have no time to hit the door of any shop where you'll get a new one. Why don't you join me for a game of Scrabble, it will be fun. By the time, Arya will discover it from somewhere, soon. Relax!!" sounded a cool Anish, looking back at little arya, who was running around, totally uninfluenced by the chaos.

"It's time for my prayers, I am worried, that it is getting late" said Granny.
"Don't bother ma, we will do it together" replied the younger lady and soon, there filled reverberations of divinity, as they both started to chant their slokas.

Tired of his search, Ram joined Anish for the game, and soon got absolutely engrossed, amazed by the skillful wordplay of his son. They both came up with words, that both didn't realize that they knew.

With Grandpa over the phone, chatting about the upcoming elections, with dad and son playing Scrabble, with  divine mantras chanted, and Anish playing around, un-abused for screaming, the house wore a rare, poised and anonymous look...

At the center of the living room stood a silent, confused(?) Television awestruck by  the serene atmosphere of the beautiful home on a Sunday evening, not knowing that his lost partner was the sole reason for the serenity.
The lost one, the controller of the family as well as the T.V, the remote, was discovered the next day, in Arya's outdoor play area, stuck inside a pile of sand, again by the littlest of the family, and as always just after his father bought a new one!

PS: Out of all odds, I wonder the only (material)pair that would feel happy for being separated would be the T.V and the remote, the T.V for its silence, and the remote for being liberated from the fierce fingering of the entire family!! But, who knows, they too might  be worried, just like any other parted pair!!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lucky, awfully!!

She never thought that her day would be so awful,  the missed bus, the scary share-auto trip, the lost lunch box, the argument with her boss and a bunch of more distressing happenings drove her to mark that day as the most awful day of the month.

She decided to spend the evening in the beach, called her mother to inform about her delay, ensured permission from office and switched off her mobile, avoiding calls from him thinking that he might definitely intrude her desirable solitude.

A mixed thought of gawkishness and relief swished through her mind, for not calling him, but she carefully overcame it, and averted her mind to the soothing sand of the beach and the distant roar of the tides.

As she was about to sit, she was totally frozen to see where her eyes took her, her heart skipped a beat, but she collected herself quickly and tiptoed back, feeling strongly that luck favored her for a lifetime.

Few steps away, her lover was romancing with another one, in a public place made private, totally unaware of the saved lucky (once) lover!!

 Written as a part of FSF by lillie:
Lillie McFerrin Writes

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A phone for love, a love for phone!!


"You are surely going to crack her brain, no doubt!" squawked the blue jade ear ring that was dangling in Arpita's ears.

Nor the rings, neither the microphone were removed, but she has slid into a doze, unaware, while chatting with her husband who is abroad. With lots of love and memories to add, being married for a year, they were reliving their days before marriage over the phone, twenty four-by-seven hours, again with 'sweet nothings'.

"No honey, why do you get so angry with me? Don't you realize that I am the one, who is intertwining souls together, when they are physically far apart?" the smart phone sounded honestly.

Oh, really? You care of hearts? I never thought so... I thought you have nothing do with hearts. You work with signals and work for signals... You are a … Don't ever tell me that you care for hearts!" whisked the ear ring.

" I am the one who is close to Arpita's heart, and in a way to Arjun too, you must have heard Arjun saying that he is longing to see her in his favorite blue sari with "ME" on, didn’t you?" shrieked the blue one.

"Hmm... you never seem to realize, you came to know that only because of me, you never seem to agree, and all my attempts of befriending you turn into sheer vanity.. You are so adamant.." jittered the phone with a 'good night message', from Arpita's thoughtful husband.

"Befriend me, what nonsense?" mumbled the ear ring silently, carefully veiling the allurement that had already been formed with the smartest smart phone, just because they were being together, strangled for hours, each day.. But she never wanted to show it.. After all, 'she's are supposed to be so!!


"Oh my God! I had slept.." Arpita woke, bewildered. She felt she heard something... "Was somebody talking? Were I dreaming? Or did I hear the doorbell ring?" she sounded confused. With a suspicious look, she eyed on the lens of the door to make sure no one could come at this time of the night, but the sight of a greeting card, protruding halfway thro the door caught her attention. Gasping, she opened it. Inside was written, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING, ALWAYS WITH YOU, and ALWAYS FOR YOU!" and was signed by Arjun.
Tears of ecstasy rolled down her cheeks. Noticing a satin ribbon attached to the card, she slowly opened the door, expecting that there must be some gift attached to the card. And there was a box of cake. "He never gave me a clue that he remembered... that lovable idiot" she smiled to herself, when her phone rang. It was Arjun..
"Arjun!!", she broke down with tears and sobs, mixed emotions of joy, excitement and loneliness running all through her body. "Hey, a birthday baby is supposed to jump in joy with a piece of cake in her mouth, happy birthday, dear and I want you to sound merry, as always". He continued, "Hmm… And…reserve a piece of cake for me too; I am with you, day after tomorrow", pouring more emotions to the poor girl.
Arpita swiveled in the air with a hymn, with a sense of pride, joy and gratitude for her husband, and the blue jade ring danced along, to her tunes, absolutely unaware that it is going to bid farewell to the smart phone!!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Panchatantra twisted..

                                             THE BUG AND THE MOSQUITO
The Bed Bug and the Mosquito, Folktales for kids: 11_1.jpg
Long, long ago was a lavish Kingdom of king "Extraordinary", where there lived green trees, loving women, strong men, studious kids, sturdy animals, and also a big family of Bug "B".. The family of B comprising of his son, daughter, grand sons and grand daughters dwelt in a small corner of the enormous bed of the king.

Every day, while the king slept, the entire bug family would stealthily drink the King's blood, and they were happily multiplying their family out of the royal nourishment.. And one day, a ravenous mosquito "M" drifted into the room, enthralled by the exotic fragrance coming from the king's bedroom.. Standing there, he buzzed in sheer joy thinking of the scrumptious feast, he would have if he bit the king.

Intruding his thought heard a voice. It was the bug standing beside and asking, "Who are you? How dare you come into the king's bedroom?? It is we, who reign here, unanimously.. Just go away from here".

Offended, M asked, "Why don't you show me some concern, dear bug, I am a traveler and I have tasted all sorts of blood, but I have never had the chance of tasting royal blood. And the fragrance in this room promises me to be of undefendable taste.. Please give me a chance." Bug replied that it cannot allow the mosquito to bite the king, because if the king gets bitten by the mosquito, he might get startled, jump in anger and kill all the bugs residing in the bed, and that letting the mosquito go poses  a life threat.

But the mosquito wasn't ready to leave.. He was of the undaunted type, so he fell to the toes of the bug, and prayed to allow him, at least for a night's dinner.. The soft- hearted bug was a bit shaken by this gesture and said, " Yes, as you said, the king's blood does really taste good, and okay, since you are so humble, I 'll allow you to dine his blood, but remember, you should not come to dinner, neither at the wrong time, nor at the wrong place"

Mused by the condition of B, M asked him to explain which the right time was and what the right place, to bite the king was. "The right time", the bug replied, "is when the king has eaten his dinner and drunk all his wine. He will then fall fast asleep".
"And the right place, "the bug added, "is the king's foot. If you bite him there while he is fast asleep, he may not notice your bite, and that is how we would have our daily food. Keep it in mind and exercise caution"

Telling so, the bug went back to the corner of the bed and the mosquito was eagerly awaiting the king's arrival. Once the king entered the bedroom and forged towards his bed, the mosquito was so excited and he was dreaming of the royal relinquishment. The pleasure was so immense for him, that he immediately set to plunge into action, forgetting completely the advice given by the bug.

He was keenly aiming for a better place in the jeweled neck of the king, and the exact moment he rooted himself to the right place, a strong hand fell on him and smashed him down  to pieces..  It was the heavy hand of the queen, the king's wife,  slightly disturbed by a small tickling bite of the clever bug, and she had thrown her hands on the king's shoulder.

"I was mistaken by the humble approach of the poor mosquito, but thoughtfully, was a bit afraid too that the stupid stranger might do something irksome, and so I sprang into action, just as i saw him drifting towards the king, thus saving all our lives", shuddered the bug to his daughter, behind!! And with a wise old B, they lived happily ever after!!

PS: Panchatantra stories have a renowned fame and origin, and I always stand humble, compared to it.. The original Panchatantra story, The bug and the mosquito preaches the moral, "never trust strangers". My attempt is to add a whiff of humor to the story and twist the moral to "You always pay for your  betrayals". Anyways, there stands a moral, still, and the bugs, too!!

"This story is written as part of the Twist-A-Tale contest on Tell-A-Tale – reading and writing stories for this age”

Monday, March 10, 2014

When house becomes a home..

 Where we love is home, Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. - Oliver Wendell Holmes.
 As life goes, we get bonded or attached with things we come across, apparently or not, and one such thing is the House we live... Be it a house with shaggy walls and leaking roofs, or a palace, a house beautifully transforms into a home as people get associated with it. Just think, this moment, someone may be eating, sleeping, cleaning, dancing, watching t. v, making love, or even  praying to have a house for his own, all under their own roofs, called "home".

There live, so many grandfathers and mothers, glued to their houses, despite the desperate calls of  their children staying far apart, just because of the fact that their spouse left their last breath within those four walls. They try to resurrect their loving memories that they both have carried. They treasure their houses, immensely, for it has been the root bearer of their generations..

We have come across many aunties, who keep on cleaning their houses, for they strongly believe that God often visits their clean home, and succeed in changing their houses into beautiful divine temples. And for some, the kitchen windows can be a source of confrontation, where they lament their husband's unexplained anger..

There can I point out many Uncles, or fathers, who conceive the plan of their houses, carry then, in their heart and mind, and beautifully give life to their dreams, just with stones and bricks.. The houses stand still with pride, speaking of their hard work, their undaunted desires and more... I have seen many, who evolve into a different, profound look, once they enter their home. For them, it is a place, where they are themselves, shedding the masks that they carried, outside.. Some where I read somebody saying, "Once I enter my house and lock the door, I feel I am detached completely from the outside world, and I just love it"..

A house becomes a home, if it has love in the air, and if it smells of children.. The walls would be happy to be scribbled by them, the lamps would love to throw light on your marriage photo, and the chime loves to bring in sound of fortune.. I love my home, wherever it was so far, and whichever it is going to be too, and I also believe that my house loves me back too…I say so, because wherever I go, however great it may be, I feel the coziness and comfiness only when I cuddle up with my own pillows  in my own bedroom…

So, let's open up the windows, bring in some fresh air and fragrance, light up a lamp and also, love our home!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Endless Endeavors.. story of the life of many..

The following is a imaginary short story written by me, and dedicated to all the wondeful angel mothers of special children.. Prayers, Wishes and Hats-off to them..

                                                ENDLESS ENDEAVORS..

Ganga's hands hastily raised to calm down the alarm, before it could even disturb Eshwar, her son. Her eyes demanded her to go back to sleep, she wanted to enjoy the five minutes of laziness in the bed, but the very thought of the household chores and the compulsion to finish it before her sons wakes up, drove her up to the bathroom. Her daily routine followed up like a time lapse video..

Just as she dried up her hands finishing cooking, she heard Eshwar moaning 'mamma'. She ran to the bedroom with a smile on her face and greeted him a loud 'good morning'.
Eshwar gave a big smile in return and greeted her back. Those are some of the words that 8 year old eshwar can speak.. Yes, he is a child with Autism disorder. Children who develop autism have difficulty engaging in the give- and -take of everyday human interactions, and that explains why Eshwar doesn’t behave like a normal 8 year old. The moment Ganga encountered this fact, she never tried to hide away from it nor did she lose hope.. she prepared herself to battle with it and make Eshwar learn life. Their life was modern mythology, where Ganga bore Eshwar, not in her head, but in her mind and soul..

She researched, she learned things for him, she learned along with him, she restricted her relaxations, her diet too, for her lovely son and  she drove herself to the only aim of making her son shine.. Like a sage preparing for a saga, she fought for her dream.. It took 3 years to figure out that Eshwar has an inclination towards painting and from then onwards, she started to give him a paper and a paint brush whenever he was in agony or he is excited with loads of energy.. Even a stroke with different colors would be applauded and Eshwar was happy to see his mother exclaim with joy when he did something and slowly, his hobby turned a habit.

The clock struck nine and  the vehicle of the 'Spectrum Special School' beeped at the gate. Ganga waved Eshwar, goodbye and locked the door and set to work. Letting her scooty on the road, Ganga was happy and thankful to God for making her identify the school and it's Principal Ms. Aarthi. Aarthi was an Angel, not only to the eyes of Ganga, but to many other parents who have accepted the fact of their children and also for those who had not. She understood each child, what they needed and what they have in them and was totally dedicated to their upbringing. School was a real second home for Eshwar.

The day ended as usual and as Ganga was getting ready to receive Eshwar from school, she got a call from there.. Startled, she picked it up.. She was almost trembling when she was asked to come to school. She took an auto and reached the school praying and panting. She was received by a smiling Aarthi.. With a sigh of relief, she looked up on her with a questioning brow. Aarthi said, "Why are you worried? Do you always believe that there has to be problem associated with your son? Don't you believe in you? and your inner strength, your hard work and belief? Smile, for you deserve it and today, you can even laugh with a roar, your endeavors have favored you and Eshwar's paintings have been selected First in the International Talent Quest for Special Children, they have even sponsored for his education and to be trained well in his interest. Tears of Joy rolled down Ganga's eyes. Those eyes had lost nights of sleep, but her dream had come true bringing along, loads of joy.. Yes..Aarthi continued, " Things we lose, come back to us, if not in the same way".. and I wanted to see it on your face..