Saturday, March 29, 2014


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The police station was in a state of dramatic tensity, as it would always be. Three persons were confronted, and the it was the constable's turn to inquire. The first of the suspected, a 14 year old boy, stood trembling, hands crossed across his chest, deliberately attempting to convince the constable that he was innocent.

"Sir sir, I didn't touch the money, sir.. I admit that I was tempted to taste the fresh made sweets, sir.. and that too, I took only one sir.. somebody who didn't like my sincerity, had complained to the shopkeeper, that I have stolen money, sir, please sir, leave me sir" was his constant mumble. The too many 'sirs' didn't seem to move the constable, in anyway.

He moved on to the next accused, still staring at the young boy. The next one was deliberately in tears. He was a peon in a nationalized bank. "Sir, I have a family, sir. Please listen to my words, sir, I was just cleaning the locker room, while I saw that one of the lockers was left unlocked. I was tempted to see what was inside, and while I just peeped for a look, I was caught. They tell that a gold necklace is missing and I took it. sir, I have never seen such a thing, sir. You can check me, sir", quivering, he was ready to fall on the constable's feet.

The last one, a young guy, was not that agitated as the earlier ones. He had already experienced enquiries of that sort, and he stood a bit, unperturbed. The constable neared him, with a sense of precaution, and waited for him to talk. " While seeing a young girl in a glamorous attire, talking loudly over the phone, I was tempted to start a conversation. But, she had complained that I pulled her hands, I didn't do that!", he spoke in a tone of negligence, looking somewhere else.

Ordering them to be seated in a corner till the inspector arrives, the constable went to the computer and while he was frantically searching for something in it, the Inspector arrived, sneering.

"To hell with you, what are you doing in my table, man? Trying to hack my computer? How dare, you?" blasted the Inspector to the constable, furiously.  "Sir, I heard that the promotion lists have been put on, sir.. I was tempted to look at it before you come, sir.. I didn't do anything wrong, sir" , the constable tried to cover up his embarrassment with hasty words. There was a whirl of seriousness in everyone's face.

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High up in heaven, lordess Saraswati, the dear wife of Lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe( according to Hindu mythology), was peeping down at the police station scenario, while Brahma gave her a gentle stroke, asking, "Dear, what are you looking at?"

"Lord, I could sense a chaos at the police station and I was tempted to have a look" she replied with a curious grin.

The lord replied with a loud laughter, "hmm.. that is because, I created the human beings with one indispensable quality.. Temptation!!"

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  1. WoW! Superbly composed post! The only post (in response to this prompt) that deals with Temptation.

  2. Thank you, kamath, feels great to hear your words of appreciation. keep visiting :)


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