Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How "Perfume Kumar" went problemless!

                 Disclaimer: The character of this story may share some common traits with you, but I am sure, i didn't mean you!! This is purely my imagination!!

The connection, Kumar had with water was something cynical, to understand for a common man. Wherever, he went, there was a scarcity of water, and that was his problem. Problem is a trivial word, but the impact was so big, that even the gushing, daring waterfall of Courtallam, would transform into something like a thin, drivel of a flu struck small boy, the day Kumar was in it's vicinity. He grew with the lullabies of his granny, focused around the drought that he brought along, the day he was born. His fate was profoundly ill, that even after the drought perished, his connection with water was continuously in distress, all through the stages of life.

Surprises, successes, turning points, occurred hither and thither, but apparently or not, water always played the part of a villain, in his story.  People who made fun of his strange problem, too started to worry for him, when they heard his tearful story. He needed no one, to tell him that he smells bad, he was always prepared to spend for perfumes, instead of buying water to bathe, because he had realized, at one point, that buying perfumes would be easier than hunting for water.      


The day, he smells exclusively, it is understood that his skin has missed water. His acquaintances knew all the more, about him and his fatal connection with water, so have named him "perfume Kumar". And some of them, had offered him to share their room, to take a bath when he was badly in need of it, with a condition, to avail it if it was really needed. And after all, they didn't want to face the scarcity, that he would bring along.

And one of his friends came up with a solution that really sounded to be of help... He had told about an astrologer, who would predict future and pinpoint past, and that he would surely fix his friend's problem. Kumar believed in his words stupendously, arranged for an appointment, and slept with dreams where he sang, danced and bathed in places surrounded by mere water. The next day,

At the astrologer's place:

Kumar and his friend: Sir, I have told you a about my problem.. Now you know my past, I want you to predict a place where I can settle, in future, without any problem with water.

Astrologer: That doesn't cover up your past..

Kumar: what??

A: (with a long breath) Your last jenma, hmm…you were a stringent king, who never helped the poor, you were so mean to your fellowmen, and you suffer for that, now!!

K: (getting angry) How do I come out of my problem...? It would be better if you talk about that, sir!!

A: Ok, ok..(Getting afraid, that K may leave) wait!!

A: (after a few minutes, conversing with God!!) Ok, your problem can be solved. Just Rs.5000!  I will make a special pooja, and all your problems will vanish in a stride.

And Kumar, after sharing thoughts and discussions with his friend, decided to go for the pooja, and he strongly believed that his life was to face a wring  and twist. And they both left, relieved.

A few minutes after they left:

A's wife: (peeping from inside) Why did you ask for a 5000? That guy seems to be so innocent, could have asked a bit less. I was in tears when I heard his story.. And what will happen when he knows that your pooja didn't help him in anyway??

A: Come on, there is nothing to change, hereafter. It's all in his mind.. Do you believe that a thing like this can happen to anyone, in a country where there are still rivers running??

A's wife: (astonished) you mean to say that his connection with waters is his presumption and there is nothing like that? What about the waterfalls matter that he told?

A: aww, that idiot must have gone in an off-season time hearing another idiot, ha ha!

A's wife: (eyes wide) and what about the drought? He said he was born on a time, when there was a drought..

A: hmm.. that is the first thing that hinted me that his fear was his presumption..

A's wife: How?

A: Well, because, I too was born at the same time.. and many too would have.. In what ways will a drought be connected with a baby?? You think so??

Few kilometers away, Kumar was partying with his friend, one hoping that no one ask him, "What is the smell, boss?", ever again.. and the other, hoping to get relieved from the nauseating perfumes! and on their smiling faces reflected a beam of light from the neon sign board of 'racold water heaters'!

Written for the contest Close Encounters of the Smelly Kind by Indiblogger for Racold thermo ltd.

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