Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Endless Endeavors.. story of the life of many..

The following is a imaginary short story written by me, and dedicated to all the wondeful angel mothers of special children.. Prayers, Wishes and Hats-off to them..

                                                ENDLESS ENDEAVORS..

Ganga's hands hastily raised to calm down the alarm, before it could even disturb Eshwar, her son. Her eyes demanded her to go back to sleep, she wanted to enjoy the five minutes of laziness in the bed, but the very thought of the household chores and the compulsion to finish it before her sons wakes up, drove her up to the bathroom. Her daily routine followed up like a time lapse video..

Just as she dried up her hands finishing cooking, she heard Eshwar moaning 'mamma'. She ran to the bedroom with a smile on her face and greeted him a loud 'good morning'.
Eshwar gave a big smile in return and greeted her back. Those are some of the words that 8 year old eshwar can speak.. Yes, he is a child with Autism disorder. Children who develop autism have difficulty engaging in the give- and -take of everyday human interactions, and that explains why Eshwar doesn’t behave like a normal 8 year old. The moment Ganga encountered this fact, she never tried to hide away from it nor did she lose hope.. she prepared herself to battle with it and make Eshwar learn life. Their life was modern mythology, where Ganga bore Eshwar, not in her head, but in her mind and soul..

She researched, she learned things for him, she learned along with him, she restricted her relaxations, her diet too, for her lovely son and  she drove herself to the only aim of making her son shine.. Like a sage preparing for a saga, she fought for her dream.. It took 3 years to figure out that Eshwar has an inclination towards painting and from then onwards, she started to give him a paper and a paint brush whenever he was in agony or he is excited with loads of energy.. Even a stroke with different colors would be applauded and Eshwar was happy to see his mother exclaim with joy when he did something and slowly, his hobby turned a habit.

The clock struck nine and  the vehicle of the 'Spectrum Special School' beeped at the gate. Ganga waved Eshwar, goodbye and locked the door and set to work. Letting her scooty on the road, Ganga was happy and thankful to God for making her identify the school and it's Principal Ms. Aarthi. Aarthi was an Angel, not only to the eyes of Ganga, but to many other parents who have accepted the fact of their children and also for those who had not. She understood each child, what they needed and what they have in them and was totally dedicated to their upbringing. School was a real second home for Eshwar.

The day ended as usual and as Ganga was getting ready to receive Eshwar from school, she got a call from there.. Startled, she picked it up.. She was almost trembling when she was asked to come to school. She took an auto and reached the school praying and panting. She was received by a smiling Aarthi.. With a sigh of relief, she looked up on her with a questioning brow. Aarthi said, "Why are you worried? Do you always believe that there has to be problem associated with your son? Don't you believe in you? and your inner strength, your hard work and belief? Smile, for you deserve it and today, you can even laugh with a roar, your endeavors have favored you and Eshwar's paintings have been selected First in the International Talent Quest for Special Children, they have even sponsored for his education and to be trained well in his interest. Tears of Joy rolled down Ganga's eyes. Those eyes had lost nights of sleep, but her dream had come true bringing along, loads of joy.. Yes..Aarthi continued, " Things we lose, come back to us, if not in the same way".. and I wanted to see it on your face..

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