Sunday, October 26, 2014

Missing the true Diwali

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Write a Letter to someone you miss the most this Diwali.

Dear Grandpa in heaven,

Its diwali, not the kind of the festival that we used to celebrate, the piles of turmeric speckled new clothes of the members of our joint family overflowing, the early morning 'Ganga Snanams' and the innumerable crackers of all kind. You are gone and gone are the moments of togetherness… Aunt's work schedule becomes hectic, uncle's son falls ill and it is evident that everyone wants to celebrate it in his or her own way in his or her own place. We still wake up early, but we do not have the crackers, as we have become aware of where it comes from and what it costs... If you were here, you too would have thought of the same.

Grandpa, there are new clothes still, but there is no one to exhilarate the beauty of the newly clad grandchildren. Every year, after giving us our dresses, you would be waiting for us to come back dressed in our new attire and so do we quicken up to show our new dresses to you, because it was you who would give the feeling to each of us that our dress was the most elegant than the rest. You would say, "Very glad!! Very glad, you look like a princess" and everyone would get the same compliment, and diwali would get complete for us.
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 The true joy, the true love, the true sense of diwali, a festival for giving, sharing and being together was wishfully fulfilled when you were there. 

Now, diwali happens through the long distant calls. Had you been here, my children would have witnessed what a real diwali would be like, what a feeling of pleasure giving and sharing delivers and how great it feels to be appreciated. I also wish to take a closer look on your dress and appreciate you in the same way as you do… Did I ever, or did anyone else do that to you, thatha?

Anyways, time enlightens us many things and it is quite an expert in making people cope  up for their losses. Time flies, we have diwali every year, trying to follow the traditions that you have enrooted in us, except that we miss you every moment. Keep blessing us, dear thatha!

With lots of love and memories,
Your eldest grand daughter.