Friday, May 30, 2014

I love your flaws!

It was their anniversary.

She decided to make his favorite pound cake, the simplest and the one that he savors besides all creamy, moist and fluffy ones.

They both cut the cake, and when he tasted it, he smiled and said, "I think it's high time to take you to an optometrist", and then thrust the piece of cake into his wife's mouth.

She tasted it, her face went gruesome, and they both burst into guffaw looking at the salt-replaced-sugar, pound cake.

With the salt cake, their 40th anniversary too was marked unforgettable, filled with laughter and false twits, in no way less than the previous years!

written for FSF by lillie McFerrin. This week's prompt is Marriage.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mommy magic!

As I sat on the metro, my eyes closed irresistibly, thinking of the chores that laid accumulated, waiting for my arrival. Gosh, when will things change, don't I deserve a change, when will such a thing happen to me? I thought as my eyes drooped in anguish.

I unlocked the doors of my house, my nostrils got struck with a divine smell of agarbathis, the windows were open, curtains changed, table free from the piles of all sorts, overflowing cupboards tucked in, carpet vacuumed, and the house seem to glitter with fresh air and aroma.. I was surprised; it seemed to be sheer magic.. Did he do this? No, he would not have come, even if he had, he would not attempt to care for the world. Then, who did this magic?

As I was questioning myself engrossed in amusement, I was thrown forward with a jerk. I opened my eyes pitifully, to realize that I was still in the metro. Oh, my God, a dream?

I sensed a heavy burden invade my heart and a tad of self-pity surge a lump in my throat. I shrugged my head, in an attempt to leave away the thoughts and to fill my lungs with fresh air. I promenaded with swift steps, virtually planning for dinner and the next day's lunch.

 As I reached my house, I saw the door already open. My mouth went agape to see that the magic, I had dreamt, had really happened. Additionally, coffee was boiling in the pot, warm and inviting. I called him aloud, my face unable to hide the emotions that the surprise gave me. As I was about to question, he spoke through a mouthful of snacks, "Hey, guess what, you have a surprise visitor!"

I understood. "But, where is she?" I asked smiling.

"She is in your room, folding your clothes", he said, much interested in what his tongue savored.

I grabbed my cup of coffee and with a temporary relief that filled my heart, lungs and brain, I ran to see the magician, my mother!

PS: Mothers, though quite bored of their own households, when they are at their daughter's place, create magic's for sure. Well, they are magicians, to daughters, especially working daughters! I am sure, every daughter like me can relate. I am also positive that I too will become one, when I will go to my daughter's, years later!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Her legs were tightly clinched to metal ropes.
 She writhed and wrestled, everything went in vain.

The solid fences mitigated her struggling roars.

She glanced around with her impeded head and the surroundings reminded her of the freedom and prosperity, which she so longer fancied.

Her mother's face and her warning of not to cross the border that she generated, whirled in her bizarre thoughts.

She wished she knew then, what she knew now.

Fear, pain, thirst and hunger made her give up, and she slowly forgot her whereabouts.

The traumatization made the baby elephant ready for the circus training.

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                               s/he wished s/he knew then what s/he knew now

Friday, May 16, 2014


Threatened too much by his superior, his hope was shattered to pieces, and he concluded that he was unfit for the task.

He tottered along the beach side, while two children building a sand castle grabbed his attention.

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While his mind wallowed in self-pity and his eyes were hooked on the castle, he saw a strong tide, sweeping down the castle to nothing, in a moment of spur.

While he pitied them, rehearsed words of solace, and scanned for a better place for them to shift, they had already started their construction, much closer to the waves.

All his self-pity, hopelessness and helplessness seemed to dissipate away too, by the innocent act of the children, and he developed a determinacy to give the task a try, whatever befalls.

written as a part of FSF by lillie Mcferrin. This week's prompt is Innocence.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Ignorance is bliss!

The husband and the teen daughter were seriously in a derisive mood.

"Dad… She is looking at us", the daughter hushed, trying to suppress her giggle.

"So what? She doesn't understand a word in English, did you tell that ignorant idiot not to open her mouth to anyone at the party??", he inquired with a scornful look.

"Don't worry, I never bother to talk to fools!!", she spurted out suddenly, boldly looking at the astounded duo.

While she regretted for making them look mortified, she realised that she could no longer hide the truth that she was learning to speak English from her younger son.

                        “She realized that she could no longer hide the truth”

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Being a mother is an attitude!

"This doctor too would have highlighted my barrenness, and that’s why he is wiling away time outside instead of returning back home", as she mumbled to herself, she felt the veins of her heart getting churned in agony.

Every other requisite for happiness, she was blessed with, sans the bliss of being a mother.

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It was their bitter fate, but the world accused her as if she was responsible, but in fact it wasn't hers or her husband's, and everywhere she went, there was something or someone who reminded her about it, that she started to long for one.

It was an ultimatum of desperateness, that enforced her to the thought of ending up her life, leaving behind every other thought of composure, while she heard an excited bang on the door.

Beside the door, her husband stood smiling with an abandoned child and looking into her eyes he said, " This little girl is going to live with a mom who can be so much superior than her genetic mother, What if one door is closed.. There is always another choice, that we ought to explore!!"

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Friday, May 9, 2014

A head start!! (with Idioms)

I was obsessed and I held my head high, since your love was written all over your face,
I believed that you were a sight for sore eye, a shot in the arm,
Ignoring the gut feeling of my friends, I let my hair down,
Now, I feel ashamed that I have been wet behind the ears,
Anyways, thanks to God, the slip of your tongue was an eye-opener,
You have shot yourself in your foot,
The skeleton in the cupboard is out, thankfully…
Now, the egg is on my face,
Being kicked in the teeth, I have lamented enough that am facing a bad hair day,
You still believe that I'll drag my heels on our courtship because my heart always goes out to you?
My ears are to the ground, I have found my feet and I am determined to get you off my chest, no matter how hard you rack your brain,
You are a weight off my shoulders; I am resolute that I want my nose clean,
Don't ever reckon that I would have lost my face on knowing your true color,
 I am jumping around like a dog with two tails, happily ever after!!
 I wish we never meet eye to eye, ever again in our lives!

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Reading the letter, he blew a whistle and immediately texted his friend, "Ditched the episodes with the dramatic girl. 'Slip of the tongue- idea' worked out. Thanks dude! Now, I have an itchy feet, lets party!!"

Written for:
Write tribe's Wednesday prompt: Body Part Idioms.

PS: Please don't abuse me for sneaking in these many Idioms, but i really couldn't help avoiding!! For more Idioms: English Club

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Beware, (of) Sun!

Dear Sun,
            I have known you from childhood, I have woke up with you, played along with you and when you rest, our day had ended. What a great time of fun it was, and how pretty good were you those days.., but I don't really understand what has feigned you nowadays? I know, I have been told that "The Sun doesn't turn for a barking dog", but I hope that you can at least hear what I am talking about.

 When I was small, though you were silent, there was a poise in your stature and our parents would believe in you and would send us to play in your presence. But, why are you raging with flames now when it's time for our children to play? Anger might reduce one's lifetime, and don't be in a hurry to burn up all the hydrogen and helium that are always with you, no one would like, or rather no one would remain on Earth, to see you as a "Red giant".

 When one grows old, he has to become mature, leaving behind anger, he must learn to master the art of being gentle. But, see what your case is? who taught you to be so wild? Please, I know that you are busy rotating while I am lamenting, but I don't complain you for that because I know that you are doing that since you were born. I also know that you don't have your time scheduled to sit and hear all my advices, but it is my duty to tell you something very serious..

 See, people are already arranging for "Varuna Poojas" in temples, hoping that it is wiser to ask varuna to come and shower, instead of pleading you to go soft, but if you still continue to be glaring with severity, they might evoke the mighty "Anjaneya" (remember??)  as well and he might swallow you in a second, and the Universe will curse you for that too.. Ok, so, just think of what all I've told and try to be a good boy. Chill, man J

Of  true Interest,
Childhood friend.

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