Friday, May 9, 2014

A head start!! (with Idioms)

I was obsessed and I held my head high, since your love was written all over your face,
I believed that you were a sight for sore eye, a shot in the arm,
Ignoring the gut feeling of my friends, I let my hair down,
Now, I feel ashamed that I have been wet behind the ears,
Anyways, thanks to God, the slip of your tongue was an eye-opener,
You have shot yourself in your foot,
The skeleton in the cupboard is out, thankfully…
Now, the egg is on my face,
Being kicked in the teeth, I have lamented enough that am facing a bad hair day,
You still believe that I'll drag my heels on our courtship because my heart always goes out to you?
My ears are to the ground, I have found my feet and I am determined to get you off my chest, no matter how hard you rack your brain,
You are a weight off my shoulders; I am resolute that I want my nose clean,
Don't ever reckon that I would have lost my face on knowing your true color,
 I am jumping around like a dog with two tails, happily ever after!!
 I wish we never meet eye to eye, ever again in our lives!

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Reading the letter, he blew a whistle and immediately texted his friend, "Ditched the episodes with the dramatic girl. 'Slip of the tongue- idea' worked out. Thanks dude! Now, I have an itchy feet, lets party!!"

Written for:
Write tribe's Wednesday prompt: Body Part Idioms.

PS: Please don't abuse me for sneaking in these many Idioms, but i really couldn't help avoiding!! For more Idioms: English Club


  1. oh wow, including 6 idioms was hard enough, you've included a whole lot more.
    Dropping by from WT
    Suzy at Someday Somewhere

  2. Thank you Suzy, I was too much inspired i think.. it kept on coming :) Welcome to my blog :)

  3. Wow loved many idioms you have used... I found it hard to use 6 only :) Keep writing

    Women (Un)Judged

  4. A nicely penned story with so many body parts idioms.


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