Monday, May 12, 2014

Ignorance is bliss!

The husband and the teen daughter were seriously in a derisive mood.

"Dad… She is looking at us", the daughter hushed, trying to suppress her giggle.

"So what? She doesn't understand a word in English, did you tell that ignorant idiot not to open her mouth to anyone at the party??", he inquired with a scornful look.

"Don't worry, I never bother to talk to fools!!", she spurted out suddenly, boldly looking at the astounded duo.

While she regretted for making them look mortified, she realised that she could no longer hide the truth that she was learning to speak English from her younger son.

                        “She realized that she could no longer hide the truth”


  1. Lovely use of the prompt...nicely created and described...I liked it a lot...

  2. So they were Busted :D good one :)

  3. The sad thing is that this actually happens in some form or the other in most households. Kudos!

  4. Beautiful story. Hats off to the woman for this step.


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