Friday, February 14, 2014

Old proverb, new perspective!

Today, everything is redefined.. from clothing to food, from education to profession, there is change obsessing everything.. Why not proverbs?

1. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
            Even too many rights wont make you noticable, but something wrong will do!

2. Too many cooks spoil the broth.
            Two or many judges spoil a talent.

3. Where there is a will, there is a way.
           wherever there is a way, there are people.

4. A picture is worth thousand words.
            There are thousand pictures for a single word.

5. There's no place like home.
            There's no place to build one.

6. Necessity is the mother of invention.
            Invent something and make it necessary!

7. Honesty is the best policy.
            Honest men don’t follow policies, they are just as they are!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Letter to a brother

Dear brother,
            Yesterday, I saw my little girl returning from school, clasping her brother's arm tightly and I forcefully made myself to dwell in the memoirs of our beautiful relationship. I don't want to scrap my  memory to find out when it turned beautiful.. I don’t want to. But I know, it is, now..  I have an unasked question, brother? what was the thought that hit your mind when you saw me first, wrapped in a towel, when nanny jubilated to the entire hall the arrival of the first girl baby of our family, and when you saw me around the corner of your eyes… was it envy? pride? joy? I am sure you would have envied me when mamma kissed me, papa stroked my hair , and aunts exhilarated my features.. I remember the days you would escort me to school or the park side where we would play in the evenings.. I hope those were the days when your envy turned into pride, that you are a big brother.. Adolescence gave us maturity and we became busy enjoying the fantasies that it brings along, both of us separately! And remember, how we both would join dad to make fun of mom's cooking experiments?
Being the youngest in the family I had troubles little, and there was always somebody behind me jotting down my issues, even if I had any.. It was you who turned the key of my freedom on.. U stood beside me when I wanted to go out of home for a profession of my own.. And without you, I would have been wingless now.. Days flew, I doubt whether I shared stories of my experiences out in the world with you. Didn't I? I remember how you looked when I got married, I too was telling hubby that you are worried that I wouldn't be there to fight with.. But, now, I re-think.. were you feeling bad that your sister is not your sister alone then?? Tears roll down when I think so.. Anyways, with the memories of togetherness and with the lessons from dad and mom, I promise we will remain friends forever.. Dear, I realize the strength and the real sense of brotherhood especially after getting married and when sharing the life and love with another guy, and after living with kids and after the distance that has been imposed on us like every other brother and sister.. And I have to tell you something too, for all the wonderful memories- sharing, caring, fussing, pushing, fights and establishing rights that you have created for me,
I thank you, I love you and miss you too!!
                                                                                    - ever loving sis.

Note: Just like a child bearing woman's cravings, I have a craving of a lifetime, and that is to have an elder brother.. Brotherly feeling has been imparted my many brothers, but something in me always wishes to a have a branded elder one!! And this would be my letter to him, if he had been there!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

So am I

I eat,  I live,
I live, I dream,
I dream, I write,
I write, I ponder,
I ponder, I dwell,
I dwell, I love,
I love, I have kids,
I have kids, I adhere to rules,
I adhere to rules, I live,
I live, I eat!!

I don't eat, I don't live!
I don't live, I don't eat!!

Just a simple try, something like an 'Andhadi' in Tamil.. I tried to find a category for such sort of poems in English, but found none.. maybe it could somewhat resemble an 'Alliteration'.