Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A right vacation at the wrong place!

It was a sunny season at the time whilst the human brain hadn't been spared by a GPS.

Elder Nanny recollecting childhood memories, brought forth the idea of vacation at a beach house in Virginia, and somehow persuaded the family to spend their vacation over there.

Reposing their pet kitten on her lap, she weaved stories about every tree or house that passed by, to the bored children and at the same time was giving instructions to the way, besides ensuring everyone that the destination was just a few miles away.

All of a sudden, with a jerking agitation, she threw the kitten up, which collapsed on the steering, and the vehicle skewed it's way, finally slamming on a tree.

While no one was seriously injured, nanny was still looking aghast, but never did she tell anyone that she just got reminded that the beach house which she was talking about, was not in Virginia, but in Boston.

Derived from Flannery O' Conner's A good man is hard to find. I have to admit that i' ve taken an excerpt from the original short story, but on seeing the word vacation, this idea struck my mind.

Written as a part of FSF by Lillie Mcferrin. This week's prompt is 'Vacation'.

Monday, April 28, 2014


He was lying in the ICU, my eyes welled with tears, and I never had the guts to look him dressed up in the Hospital uniform. With constant advices from relations around that I am not supposed to cry in front of him, I gathered courage and entered into the room, to make him believe that we are all strong and we have got him back. I sent my two younger sisters before me, and went last.

 On seeing me, his face brightened, asking, "Neeyum vandurikiya da?" meaning, "You too have come, da?" he never expected me to travel by a car from Chennai to Madurai overnight during my 5th month of pregnancy. I hushed up my words and turned my head away unable to forbid the tears. His care has never knew boundaries. That 'da' is the unique word that affixes every sentence my dad speaks, whether he appreciates or scolds. "It's so nice to see your college reports, da",  or "I never expected this from you, da". Only the tone differs, but the 'da' sticks on..

He rose from the complication that seized him, to the surprise of his friends, family and the Doctors too, purely because of his self-confidence and composure. When I see people endowing their illness as an excuse to their responsibilities, I would eulogize him for his discrete quality. He never thought that girl children would be a burden; my mother would still exhilarate the bliss on my dad's face, when the youngest daughter was born. He has qualities to be envied or to be admired, he has advises to be sought for, he has plans for everything.

One memory that I would carry lifelong is how he reacted to my pregnancy craving. When I carried my second daughter, my husband went abroad, and I would often crave for 'Biryani'. At that time, my dad was promoted as Assistant Manager and despite his hectic schedule, when he came to know this, he called me and said, "If you can't go over to get it, I'll come by train, get you the biryani during the day, and return by night.. You tell, me".. It may sound silly, but at that moment, I felt that no one can replace my dad's  emotional way of dealing with his daughters.

Being one among a Clerk's three children never deprived us from having the best dresses, the best snacks, best vacations, or the best colleges. He made all his daughters attain double degrees, dauntlessly hunted great grooms, gave up nights of sleep planning for their marriages, played along and prayed for his grand-children and he still does. All his life gyrates around his three daughters and their children and appa is either talking to us, thinking about us or praying for us. He preaches by his life, a unique, divine quality called "Selfless Love", in his own way!

Sharing a  Video that I made for his sixtieth birthday, months ago!

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dog Power!

Friday, April 25, 2014
"There was an electrifying commotion as Tony turned out at the exam center along with his owner Rohit''

            Tony, aged 2, by gender male, is Rohit's pet dog. Some days before, Tony was in the news for attaining special powers to talk.  Rohit aged 14, is about to face the oncoming board exams. It seems Tony used to spend quality time with Rohit, every time when he read his lessons, has been ardently following him to the tuitions and has literally been his watchdog. It also seems that Tony had been dieting on the special food made exclusively to make Rohit energetic enough for the exams. When asked about what gave him the power to talk, or rather face the exam, Tony revered gratification for Rohit's mother, who dedicated her time making special pooja and prayers for the Board exam.

Google Images
The board of Education, when asked, has strictly answered that dogs are not allowed to write exams, even if they could. However, Tony was confident that he would claim to be the first dog to write exams and was gathering support from people and the press. While some of the gathering stood petrified by the occulting power of the dog, some were busy taking photos with the special species, some even tried to bid the dog by offering a large amount to Rohit's dad, expecting the dog to help their own wards in some way.

Reading out the whole news in an awed tone, my husband looked up and said," Either they write strange, or something strange happens… Now, this is going to be a sensation for two more months, now and after the results is up."

"After the result?", questioned I.

"Hmm... yeah, the dog would either become a state topper or by chance commit suicide for being failed, chances of both are waiting…" he said, winking!!

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

short strikes!

dark clouds and redolent drizzle, zings-
extra cheese pizzas, and crisp chicken wings,
gratify an extra buck to the man who brings!

Glittered nails, brindled curls,
 Steering attire, alluring perfume ,
a minute to start, and sibling pee-ed!

pink Cindrellas and Barbies, pest free -veggies and fruits,
dutiful leaders and helping neighbors,
weeping in unison,
every one of them, won!

shrieking people, shattering hope,
withering lives, cracking walls,
inside locked doors,
a pet dog howls..

perfect plan for the 'me' time,
a housewife's promenade to the parlour,
long strides secluded far apart,
yet, in the nest, was still her heart!

his restless jumps desired attention,
his sudden shrieks divulged suppression,
'special' was indeed, the sleep deprived mother,
sensing the aimless eyes and hands in a waver,
All I could do, was to utter a prayer!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

quite quiet!

Something has been done, I assure
To scrutinize  is intimidating, I swear

The carpet might get blessed with 'kumkum'
or the teddies would have bathed in a shower of talcum

why, the paste might be freed from the squeezy tube
or the scribbles on my pad would have been rewritten

 inventing trouble in the smallest of smallest things
the merry-maker is into something quite quietly..

amused by the serenity, I tip toed to discover,
the little tot cuddled in bed without a pillow to her head!

'Over-tired, she was' , in solace I sighed,
effacing the guilt that framed inside…

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Written for Write tribe's 100 word saturday prompt : quite Quietly

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Can't wait, sigh!

The lift halted abruptly with a sudden jerk and eventually, the lights went off. The transients of the lift were employees of the IT company, which was reigning almost 75% of the gigantic complex.

"I know, I know, this frequent power cuts, what the hell is this government doing man, they don't comply with the basic necessities of the citizens, but concentrate on foreign collaborations, damn them man!!"- IT folk no.1

"What to say, sir, I was planning for a dinner with my wife, after a long time.. Don't know when the power will resume, ahem.."-IT folk no.2.

"You won't get home by tonight"- sarcastic no.1.

"Oh God, my girlfriend is waiting downstairs.. sir, do you have network access in your mobile?"-IT no.3

"Did you check yours?", again no.1.

For the next few seconds, mumbles, mutters, rumblings unanimously rose from everyone who had completely forsaken the idea of 'generators', and  the entire world of living and non-living things(including the lift) were getting cursed for.

In not less than a minute, the power recurred, and the lift operator gazed through each of the geek's face with a sense of curiosity to affix the agonies- spit-out  into each of their personalities.

While some of them held their heads down in awkwardness, IT no.1 started again, "This generators, you know man…"


'It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness', but, do we? Hmmm… sigh…well, umm… It is our national quality!!

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Inevitable Companion!

Every morning you never fail to test my obstinacy, and you sit here as if you are an abode of  innocence", I rebuked at the dumb thing on my workplace.

"And what a color of attire do you wear, would anyone believe what you would drive me up to? " I was determined to denounce the poor thing.

"You seem to poke your nose and indulge into anything and everything that I make, and have conceived a sturdy myth that nothing can be done without you" , my reprimanding mood wasn't ready to cease.

"May be it revenges you first hand for the 'tar and feather'- humiliation that it undergoes once it goes into your pan" - my husband.
Google Images

We both stared at the pink, small and big onions, me wondering what magic this teary thing does to the meals and my dear husband pondering over the promise he gave my parents, "I'll never see tears flowing down her eyes", and the BGM sounding, "Tum ko dekha, to ye khayal aaya"!!( meaning, When I saw you this thought came to me).

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

A trap of love!

All the world is a trap..
or is in a trap..
now, what do I write about?
 the clean green fields trapping the eyes..
google images
or the redolent drizzle to  the nostrils..
the IPL and the brain? and the cheer leaders too?
the promises of the politicians?
the hi-fi malls and the young magnets?
the tear of a wife or the unadulterated smile of a child?

The mouse trap, the deer trap?
the black-light trap, the key-hole trap?
or an exclusive fiction on what can't be trapped
-the running time or the flowing water..
where do I take it, from what?
Fingers trapped to the keyboard
mind trapped in a web of thoughts…

while the shining full moon held trapped in the still sky,
I welded to a trap of all my senses,
In a momentary brief,
as two desirous hands garlanded from behind,
asking, "Isn't it over, yet?"
and needless to say, 'It was a trap'
for the rest of the night!!

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