Tuesday, April 22, 2014

quite quiet!

Something has been done, I assure
To scrutinize  is intimidating, I swear

The carpet might get blessed with 'kumkum'
or the teddies would have bathed in a shower of talcum

why, the paste might be freed from the squeezy tube
or the scribbles on my pad would have been rewritten

 inventing trouble in the smallest of smallest things
the merry-maker is into something quite quietly..

amused by the serenity, I tip toed to discover,
the little tot cuddled in bed without a pillow to her head!

'Over-tired, she was' , in solace I sighed,
effacing the guilt that framed inside…

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Written for Write tribe's 100 word saturday prompt : quite Quietly


Wish to add a feather to my pencil or need the eraser? Well, just tell me what..