Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dog Power!

Friday, April 25, 2014
"There was an electrifying commotion as Tony turned out at the exam center along with his owner Rohit''

            Tony, aged 2, by gender male, is Rohit's pet dog. Some days before, Tony was in the news for attaining special powers to talk.  Rohit aged 14, is about to face the oncoming board exams. It seems Tony used to spend quality time with Rohit, every time when he read his lessons, has been ardently following him to the tuitions and has literally been his watchdog. It also seems that Tony had been dieting on the special food made exclusively to make Rohit energetic enough for the exams. When asked about what gave him the power to talk, or rather face the exam, Tony revered gratification for Rohit's mother, who dedicated her time making special pooja and prayers for the Board exam.

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The board of Education, when asked, has strictly answered that dogs are not allowed to write exams, even if they could. However, Tony was confident that he would claim to be the first dog to write exams and was gathering support from people and the press. While some of the gathering stood petrified by the occulting power of the dog, some were busy taking photos with the special species, some even tried to bid the dog by offering a large amount to Rohit's dad, expecting the dog to help their own wards in some way.

Reading out the whole news in an awed tone, my husband looked up and said," Either they write strange, or something strange happens… Now, this is going to be a sensation for two more months, now and after the results is up."

"After the result?", questioned I.

"Hmm... yeah, the dog would either become a state topper or by chance commit suicide for being failed, chances of both are waiting…" he said, winking!!

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