Thursday, April 24, 2014

short strikes!

dark clouds and redolent drizzle, zings-
extra cheese pizzas, and crisp chicken wings,
gratify an extra buck to the man who brings!

Glittered nails, brindled curls,
 Steering attire, alluring perfume ,
a minute to start, and sibling pee-ed!

pink Cindrellas and Barbies, pest free -veggies and fruits,
dutiful leaders and helping neighbors,
weeping in unison,
every one of them, won!

shrieking people, shattering hope,
withering lives, cracking walls,
inside locked doors,
a pet dog howls..

perfect plan for the 'me' time,
a housewife's promenade to the parlour,
long strides secluded far apart,
yet, in the nest, was still her heart!

his restless jumps desired attention,
his sudden shrieks divulged suppression,
'special' was indeed, the sleep deprived mother,
sensing the aimless eyes and hands in a waver,
All I could do, was to utter a prayer!

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