Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A right vacation at the wrong place!

It was a sunny season at the time whilst the human brain hadn't been spared by a GPS.

Elder Nanny recollecting childhood memories, brought forth the idea of vacation at a beach house in Virginia, and somehow persuaded the family to spend their vacation over there.

Reposing their pet kitten on her lap, she weaved stories about every tree or house that passed by, to the bored children and at the same time was giving instructions to the way, besides ensuring everyone that the destination was just a few miles away.

All of a sudden, with a jerking agitation, she threw the kitten up, which collapsed on the steering, and the vehicle skewed it's way, finally slamming on a tree.

While no one was seriously injured, nanny was still looking aghast, but never did she tell anyone that she just got reminded that the beach house which she was talking about, was not in Virginia, but in Boston.

Derived from Flannery O' Conner's A good man is hard to find. I have to admit that i' ve taken an excerpt from the original short story, but on seeing the word vacation, this idea struck my mind.

Written as a part of FSF by Lillie Mcferrin. This week's prompt is 'Vacation'.


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