About Me

"Writing is the strongest way of imparting feelings from one heart to another"
                                                                   -Some body named "Priya Raj"

I am just a simple person, who studied Physics, (which in no way relates to the home-making that i do now), with kids around, cooking, messing and cleaning, eating, sleeping, and reading(not always). I don't discuss politics, no 'fashionista', no 'gadget guru',  nor do i know what or what not 'katrina' and 'katy perry' have in common. But i love to write.. The ecstasies of maximas and the erroneous minimas that life takes me, i wish to enjoy with the stride, love to sit back, relax and write about. My early schooling sowed a bit of creativeness into my mind, and  I always crave my work to have something different and better to be unique..

 And now, my time, heart and mind, all demand dedication to my lovely family, but at this point of life, I feel I haven't done any justice to any of my schools or college, to my Professors.. to me too, so wish I do something..
and that is why "pencilstripes" has emerged with some of my writings, for my own satisfaction, to the least.. My writing mostly would be free verses, (some not even in the form of a verse) and one-liner quotes, but i can say that it would be a simple thought in simple text.. I try to write what i just feel.. 

Cooking is something which has taken predominance in my mind as well as time, i wish to blog it too.., in short future. My cooking just took life two days after my marriage,(now, most of the women still more later?) and i can daresay that i have come a long way as my son demands variety..

I should say that i am a bit shaken when i see that there are so many technical strategies to be applied to a blog, but I know that it can always be done.. better late than never!! A simple start
..  Though the woods are dark and deep, isn't it  worthy to traverse if it is lovely!! Planning to  go miles.. what say ya??

Note: The author of this blog is not a 'pro', and this blog is bound to mistakes.. Well, criticisms are always welcome!!


  1. how more modest and better cud this intro on u be?? impressive ka! keep up the good work :D

  2. Interesting blog! Read some of your writings. Cheers :)

  3. Priya!! You are looking new to me on every write up.. Hats off dear..so much of creativity buried in you!! You are excavating them wonderfully!!!

  4. Hey thanks devi :) as a matter of fact, iam rediscovering myself too :) Thanks for all your words, i feel it coming from the heart!


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