Sunday, July 27, 2014

The social animal!

Write Over the Weekend inspiration for this time

Include this line in your post: ‘A funny thing happened on my way to….’

A funny thing happened on my way to explore the road the other side", the striped male mammal mumbled to his partner.

"I found funny creatures walking on legs, flying on their machines on four wheels. They were draped in colorful costumes, but were always aware of them and also prying on what others were wearing."

"Didn't someone tell us we have poor sight? I doubt it. Those creatures flying in their machines never seem to sense either other machines crossing by or the creatures like us crossing by"

"And the funniest of all was a man walking by the roadside got alarmed on seeing me and suddenly galloped away closing his nose tightly!"

"Is it? I doubt who they are?" the striped female skunk wondered.
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P.S: Skunks are mammals who are known for the strong odor they spray. They are commonly found in America.

P.P.S: What is funny for one human being (say, me) is never funny for another (say, my husband)! Therefore, I decided to write about how humans would be of fun in the animal's perspective.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Shed the fear

He did not have claws, but she felt he had.

He did not have protruding teeth, but his words never bore humanity.

The uncountable scars on her body would have induced her to shrivel, if not for the infinite scars etched on her mind, which made her strong and vindictive.
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 A day came, when she gathered courage to face the monster with fearless eyes.

Since then, mountains became molehills and the monster she had married, seemed to be a mini-ant.

This post is written in response to FSF initiated by Lillie Mcferrin. The word for this week is 'Fearless'.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mommy's kiss

Write Over the Weekend inspiration for this time

What if you are blessed with a power to read others’ minds? Whose mind will you read and why? What will you hear it say?

He was throwing a tantrum. Two year olds can do that efficiently.

I was paralyzed. Toys were scattered. Food was kept drying. He was crying, rather wailing, and rolling on the floor.

I knew that I had to wait for him to tell me what he really wanted, he has to decide yet, but my patience was flying.

imageAll those tantrums begin for no reason.

Oh, God! If only I could read his mind?

I tried to read his mind, come on… Oh, I could hear it... It says something. "Want food from mama's plate!??"

"Oh, is that it?" Happily, I ran to the kitchen to bring food on my plate. He always used to like having food from my plate. Why didn't it strike me earlier?

He squinted his eyes to see what I brought.

Seeing the plate, he wailed louder. "No…, I don't want food, I want cookies!", he spoke between sobs.

I tried to read his mind. It said, "Eat the food from mama's plate, you seem to be hungry!"

Yeah, I nodded in acceptance, but he never paid heed to his mind.

Getting tired of the constant wailing, I decided to give him cookies.

On seeing the cookies, he started crying again. "I don't want oats cookie, I want the chocolate one!"

*Snap*, fell the pat on his shoulders. Hunger and fatigue drove off the least bit of patience that was clinging on to me and in a spur of the moment, I had beaten him.

In addition, for more crying...

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I felt bad for beating him and intrigued with keen and guilt, what his mind said.

"Would he think that he has got 'the worst mummy' or would he realize that he is crying for nothing?" I was perplexed.

"This time, she will hug and kiss me and give me a chocolate, happened last time when she got mad at me", his mind said.

Smilingly, I hugged him tightly, kissed him and I realized what their mind and body always want, a hug, kiss and a chocolate, in between tantrums!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

It rains, but not always!

She reached the school hopping and tottering all through, carefully holding her skirt from being dirtied from the slushy puddles that the heavy outpour had created.

She unfurled her umbrella, glancing around whether anyone finds her with the umbrella.

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As she anticipated, there was a group of young girls and boys, laughing and pointing at her clothes and the umbrella that rained within.

She had the worst clothes, possessed the worst things, lived in a worst place and she had to walk a worst distance to school, but she was too brilliant, and lucky enough to have parents who sent her to school besides their worries and weaknesses.

Looking up at the clear, bright sky and the shimmering rainbow, and filling her lungs with the petrichor, she said to herself, "This too shall pass!"

This is written in response to FSF by lillieMcferrin. This week's word is 'Rain'.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A woman in black!

Nothing is darker than this color and that is what makes it stand unique. It insinuates royalty. It is so strange that the western world regards black as a symbol of mourning while they celebrate it for its elegance, too. Everything that is in black is beautiful. A simple piece of coal that glows with a spark of fire, the gathering of dark clouds, the cute pandas, the crows that team up, a black butterfly and many more… there is black to add beauty in everything. Black rules… Above all, we all have come from the dark, warm and cozy caves, where our mothers nurtured us for 10 months, and we all have black pupils in our eyes. Women love black, that too women who are over-sized and I belong to that category... Even if I am not, I would dare not neglect black. God has naturally gifted me with dark hair, a thick brow and dark lashes, so what I would desire would definitively be materials in black…

1. A black evening gown:
 Whatever the design is, however it looks, black gives the magical look that we (the pear shaped women) expect our dresses to give. Therefore, a black evening gown with sleeves is the first thing I would wish for. I am sure that black would not reveal things, but my grandiose stature.

2. Black Diamond:
Thousands of white diamonds in an array and one black amidst, and where does your eyes go? Yeah, that is what I want, next. A stunning earring in black diamond, to add up to the beauty of the evening gown.

3. A black clutch:
 A simple black clutch, a somewhat big one, that would suit me, holding my essentials and of course the slim and sleek black smart phone.

4. Shoes:
A black gown would look even greater if I wear; a crystal embellished satin heels on my foot. The swaying black gown and the perfect tapping of the over-perfect heels, a perfect picture!

5. A Mercedes Benz Car:
The best reserved for the last! Meant for its royalty and elegance, the Benz cars have been a unanimous attraction for all ages. I am not an exception, too… I desire to own the upcoming Mercedes Benz 2015 S65 AMG Coupe, simply because it is the 'ultimate'.

Video framed by me, but picture copyrights belong to google!

 Having all this and that is all? Let me think more. On a beautiful day, at the time of dusk when the Sun goes to rest and the moon appears to emanate romance, I imagine the black-adorned 'me' at the wheels of the elegant Benz, gliding on the road. I reach the hotel where I am supposed to have candle light dinner with my husband. He opens the door of the car for me. Needless to explain, he looks stunning in the black outfit that he wears. Smilingly, he leads me to the terrace, neatly decorated with scented candles and flowers. Gazing the dark sky, and the twinkling stars, holding our hands together, we give a toast saying, "Nothing beats Black!"

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Thursday, July 10, 2014


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Curiosity and anxiety filled her mind, when she discovered her college autograph, 30 years later, beneath the pile of other read and un-read books.

The college had seen his and her sincere love, but the moment they realized that their relationship could not last long, they recovered practically, found their own lives and eventually had forgotten each other.

Hands trembling and wanting to read it again, she rushed to  the page, which she had much loved; much read and had much cried over, long ago.

To her shock, the pages that her first love had filled were carefully torn.

Much more than dismay, she felt a pang of pity for her husband who had been carrying it in his heart for these many years.

Written as a part of FSF by lilliemcferrin. This week's prompt is 'pages'.