Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mommy's kiss

Write Over the Weekend inspiration for this time

What if you are blessed with a power to read others’ minds? Whose mind will you read and why? What will you hear it say?

He was throwing a tantrum. Two year olds can do that efficiently.

I was paralyzed. Toys were scattered. Food was kept drying. He was crying, rather wailing, and rolling on the floor.

I knew that I had to wait for him to tell me what he really wanted, he has to decide yet, but my patience was flying.

imageAll those tantrums begin for no reason.

Oh, God! If only I could read his mind?

I tried to read his mind, come on… Oh, I could hear it... It says something. "Want food from mama's plate!??"

"Oh, is that it?" Happily, I ran to the kitchen to bring food on my plate. He always used to like having food from my plate. Why didn't it strike me earlier?

He squinted his eyes to see what I brought.

Seeing the plate, he wailed louder. "No…, I don't want food, I want cookies!", he spoke between sobs.

I tried to read his mind. It said, "Eat the food from mama's plate, you seem to be hungry!"

Yeah, I nodded in acceptance, but he never paid heed to his mind.

Getting tired of the constant wailing, I decided to give him cookies.

On seeing the cookies, he started crying again. "I don't want oats cookie, I want the chocolate one!"

*Snap*, fell the pat on his shoulders. Hunger and fatigue drove off the least bit of patience that was clinging on to me and in a spur of the moment, I had beaten him.

In addition, for more crying...

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I felt bad for beating him and intrigued with keen and guilt, what his mind said.

"Would he think that he has got 'the worst mummy' or would he realize that he is crying for nothing?" I was perplexed.

"This time, she will hug and kiss me and give me a chocolate, happened last time when she got mad at me", his mind said.

Smilingly, I hugged him tightly, kissed him and I realized what their mind and body always want, a hug, kiss and a chocolate, in between tantrums!

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  1. Such an endearing story, rather reality!
    Moms have to face such a lot!
    Kids need love the most when they deserve it least. Hug & kiss & chocolates too :)

  2. Nice one!! I connected with you totally with my 3 year old :-)

  3. Yeah, thanks anita and 'mythoughtstheyare'!! :)

  4. Nice Priya!! Rrelating it to madhav!!!wish I could read his mind:-)

  5. So cute post...Its wonderful how mothers yearn to read their child's mind and I strongly believe somehow they have this power within them...

    Here’s my WOW post, you are invited to read it

  6. A cute post. Strengthening the bond between mother and the child, makes them into loving beings:)

  7. "a hug, kiss and a chocolate"
    Loved that bit :)

    I remember that sometimes I'd start crying and continue crying even though I had already forgotten the reason why. :P


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