Thursday, July 17, 2014

It rains, but not always!

She reached the school hopping and tottering all through, carefully holding her skirt from being dirtied from the slushy puddles that the heavy outpour had created.

She unfurled her umbrella, glancing around whether anyone finds her with the umbrella.

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As she anticipated, there was a group of young girls and boys, laughing and pointing at her clothes and the umbrella that rained within.

She had the worst clothes, possessed the worst things, lived in a worst place and she had to walk a worst distance to school, but she was too brilliant, and lucky enough to have parents who sent her to school besides their worries and weaknesses.

Looking up at the clear, bright sky and the shimmering rainbow, and filling her lungs with the petrichor, she said to herself, "This too shall pass!"

This is written in response to FSF by lillieMcferrin. This week's word is 'Rain'.


  1. Really, nothing is constant in life.....

    Very well written, Priya!

  2. Nice post. Fills you with hope.

  3. Yes I agree, 'this too will pass.' wonderful story.

  4. wow a wonderful story there :D

  5. I loved the optimism she has. You have done a wonderful job as always, Priya!

  6. Very good narration....a beautiful story:)

  7. I feel hopeful for her; despite her desperate circumstances, she hops and totters in the rain - always a good sign, and an affirmation as well!

  8. When you have an attitude like that, nobody can 'dampen' your spirits! I salute her and you for writing this so evocatively!

  9. So much optimism in this post. Good read :)


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