Thursday, July 24, 2014

Shed the fear

He did not have claws, but she felt he had.

He did not have protruding teeth, but his words never bore humanity.

The uncountable scars on her body would have induced her to shrivel, if not for the infinite scars etched on her mind, which made her strong and vindictive.
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 A day came, when she gathered courage to face the monster with fearless eyes.

Since then, mountains became molehills and the monster she had married, seemed to be a mini-ant.

This post is written in response to FSF initiated by Lillie Mcferrin. The word for this week is 'Fearless'.


  1. Very beautifully written, Priya!

  2. Powerful, curious, something that should be read several times over.

  3. In your face, monstrous bastard! I do love when a character takes charge of her own life, and leaves her former oppressor a "mini-ant."

    My Fearless entry.

  4. Sad story, true for many women, Priya...
    May everyone be fearless & win.
    Nicely expressed :)

  5. Superbly written. Loved your words here !!

  6. Yes, this is what happens to some, if we are luckier than those that are destroyed. The key is to retain your humanity despite everything.

  7. This one is beautifully written! Awsome!

  8. Beautifully written n strong words Priya!!!


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