Sunday, December 20, 2015

Music to the ears!


Music to my ears!!

I was standing on my toes... outside the small room.. Your mind would question whether I couldn't go inside. Yes, I can't.  I was ordered not to... Anxiety was possessing me, head to toes...  my mouth murmured a few names of God, while my mind argued whether I can call God for these reasons... I tried to wander away from the room to put my mind at ease, but it worsened it even more...

 I desperately  wanted to know what was going inside... couldn't wait for it to dawn on me... but there was no option of me going inside, because I knew for sure that it could upset the entire thing... Making up my mind, I turned away and as I took a step, I heard it...

It was like music to my ears... Yes... My 2 year old toddler yelled with excitement, " Mommy!! Yay!! I pooped in the potty!" Phew... finally!! it was music to my ears.

PS:I know what is going on in your mind, now. Poop? Music to the ears? Oh yes, it is.. Making a toddler master the art of potty training is one Herculean task for many mommies(at least, for me). So I decided to make it as a plot of the narration, in an unexpected way. Let the smiles stay forever! Wish you all a very very Happy New Year 2016!

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