Saturday, April 5, 2014

A trap of love!

All the world is a trap..
or is in a trap..
now, what do I write about?
 the clean green fields trapping the eyes..
google images
or the redolent drizzle to  the nostrils..
the IPL and the brain? and the cheer leaders too?
the promises of the politicians?
the hi-fi malls and the young magnets?
the tear of a wife or the unadulterated smile of a child?

The mouse trap, the deer trap?
the black-light trap, the key-hole trap?
or an exclusive fiction on what can't be trapped
-the running time or the flowing water..
where do I take it, from what?
Fingers trapped to the keyboard
mind trapped in a web of thoughts…

while the shining full moon held trapped in the still sky,
I welded to a trap of all my senses,
In a momentary brief,
as two desirous hands garlanded from behind,
asking, "Isn't it over, yet?"
and needless to say, 'It was a trap'
for the rest of the night!!

This post is a part of  Write Over Weekend,, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by Blogadda.

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