Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Inevitable Companion!

Every morning you never fail to test my obstinacy, and you sit here as if you are an abode of  innocence", I rebuked at the dumb thing on my workplace.

"And what a color of attire do you wear, would anyone believe what you would drive me up to? " I was determined to denounce the poor thing.

"You seem to poke your nose and indulge into anything and everything that I make, and have conceived a sturdy myth that nothing can be done without you" , my reprimanding mood wasn't ready to cease.

"May be it revenges you first hand for the 'tar and feather'- humiliation that it undergoes once it goes into your pan" - my husband.
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We both stared at the pink, small and big onions, me wondering what magic this teary thing does to the meals and my dear husband pondering over the promise he gave my parents, "I'll never see tears flowing down her eyes", and the BGM sounding, "Tum ko dekha, to ye khayal aaya"!!( meaning, When I saw you this thought came to me).

as a part of:  write tribe's wednesday prompt
                    Five Sentence Fiction by Lillie Mcferrin(word for this week, feather)

and              WOW by Blogadda(Your post must contain the song ‘Tum ko dekha, to ye khayal aaya’)


  1. Nice and crisp post!!

    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  2.'s so good actually :) When I started reading I never thought it that way . You have written it beautifully and the way you have combined the prompts it's really good .

    Please remove the word verification makes commenting very difficult .

  3. Thank you Doc. I was not aware of the setting earlier.. thanks, nice to receive those words from you. :)


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