Tuesday, February 4, 2014

So am I

I eat,  I live,
I live, I dream,
I dream, I write,
I write, I ponder,
I ponder, I dwell,
I dwell, I love,
I love, I have kids,
I have kids, I adhere to rules,
I adhere to rules, I live,
I live, I eat!!

I don't eat, I don't live!
I don't live, I don't eat!!

Just a simple try, something like an 'Andhadi' in Tamil.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andhadhi. I tried to find a category for such sort of poems in English, but found none.. maybe it could somewhat resemble an 'Alliteration'.


  1. for most ppl here it is
    to live, they eat
    to eat, they work
    to work, they study
    to study, they pay hella lot of money....
    no money no honey da :P
    in between all these processes of our life, comes in these extras and interests which keeps us going..(y)

  2. Yes, and everything being entangled between coins and notes!! interests.. how many of us are given chances to have, atleast!!?


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