Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Her legs were tightly clinched to metal ropes.
 She writhed and wrestled, everything went in vain.

The solid fences mitigated her struggling roars.

She glanced around with her impeded head and the surroundings reminded her of the freedom and prosperity, which she so longer fancied.

Her mother's face and her warning of not to cross the border that she generated, whirled in her bizarre thoughts.

She wished she knew then, what she knew now.

Fear, pain, thirst and hunger made her give up, and she slowly forgot her whereabouts.

The traumatization made the baby elephant ready for the circus training.

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                               s/he wished s/he knew then what s/he knew now


  1. That's quite an interesting take on the prompt!! You never fail to surprise me..

  2. Oh how cruel :( The poor baby! This was beautifully done!!

  3. I love elephants.... loved the way you brought the elephant's story to the world. Some circus groups are cruel to them...but there are good ones too !!!

  4. That's so sad and reminds me of Sundar. Hope she finds her freedom from a human perspective. Love how you've touched the subject in a subtle but gentle, sensitive manner.

  5. Aah well written! I'm all against use of animals in the circus. Even zoos for that matter, why entrap them

  6. Wow! That was quite unexpected :) loved the twist...

  7. may be the story a lesson to those who do not care about the elders advice. s.ravisankar

  8. Awww! That is very well written. :)

  9. A beautiful take on the prompt. Loved it.
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Congratulations.
    Kindly refer to my post ,on this subject, dated 25th June 2014.


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