Friday, May 16, 2014


Threatened too much by his superior, his hope was shattered to pieces, and he concluded that he was unfit for the task.

He tottered along the beach side, while two children building a sand castle grabbed his attention.

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While his mind wallowed in self-pity and his eyes were hooked on the castle, he saw a strong tide, sweeping down the castle to nothing, in a moment of spur.

While he pitied them, rehearsed words of solace, and scanned for a better place for them to shift, they had already started their construction, much closer to the waves.

All his self-pity, hopelessness and helplessness seemed to dissipate away too, by the innocent act of the children, and he developed a determinacy to give the task a try, whatever befalls.

written as a part of FSF by lillie Mcferrin. This week's prompt is Innocence.


  1. :D how simple a lesson of innocence. Loving this week's prompt ;)

  2. A very nice take on the prompt.
    Here is my 5SF:

  3. Jesus said that for us to follow Him, we must be childlike, and your story paints a perfect picture of one of the many reasons this is so. You painted a lovely picture with your words.

    God bless you,


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