Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mommy magic!

As I sat on the metro, my eyes closed irresistibly, thinking of the chores that laid accumulated, waiting for my arrival. Gosh, when will things change, don't I deserve a change, when will such a thing happen to me? I thought as my eyes drooped in anguish.

I unlocked the doors of my house, my nostrils got struck with a divine smell of agarbathis, the windows were open, curtains changed, table free from the piles of all sorts, overflowing cupboards tucked in, carpet vacuumed, and the house seem to glitter with fresh air and aroma.. I was surprised; it seemed to be sheer magic.. Did he do this? No, he would not have come, even if he had, he would not attempt to care for the world. Then, who did this magic?

As I was questioning myself engrossed in amusement, I was thrown forward with a jerk. I opened my eyes pitifully, to realize that I was still in the metro. Oh, my God, a dream?

I sensed a heavy burden invade my heart and a tad of self-pity surge a lump in my throat. I shrugged my head, in an attempt to leave away the thoughts and to fill my lungs with fresh air. I promenaded with swift steps, virtually planning for dinner and the next day's lunch.

 As I reached my house, I saw the door already open. My mouth went agape to see that the magic, I had dreamt, had really happened. Additionally, coffee was boiling in the pot, warm and inviting. I called him aloud, my face unable to hide the emotions that the surprise gave me. As I was about to question, he spoke through a mouthful of snacks, "Hey, guess what, you have a surprise visitor!"

I understood. "But, where is she?" I asked smiling.

"She is in your room, folding your clothes", he said, much interested in what his tongue savored.

I grabbed my cup of coffee and with a temporary relief that filled my heart, lungs and brain, I ran to see the magician, my mother!

PS: Mothers, though quite bored of their own households, when they are at their daughter's place, create magic's for sure. Well, they are magicians, to daughters, especially working daughters! I am sure, every daughter like me can relate. I am also positive that I too will become one, when I will go to my daughter's, years later!

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  1. Mothers ARE the ONLY magicians in their daughters' life!
    Could totally relate to your story. Very well written.

  2. Mothers ARE the ONLY magicians in their daughters' life!
    Could totally relate to your story. Very well written.

  3. We had to change towns a few times when I was a kid. It was always very sad for me to leave everyone behind - my friends, my school, the town. But I always used to say that as long as my mother was with me, I didn't need anything else. Mothers make a house a home :)

    Nice story, Priya :)

  4. Superb write up Priya!!! Love your language!

  5. Superb write up Priya!!! Love your language!

  6. Mothers know how to adorn one's life with magic. Beautiful narration coupled with the right emotions make this post magic and WoW

  7. This is so beautifully written. A lovely tribute to your mom. :)


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