Saturday, May 10, 2014

Being a mother is an attitude!

"This doctor too would have highlighted my barrenness, and that’s why he is wiling away time outside instead of returning back home", as she mumbled to herself, she felt the veins of her heart getting churned in agony.

Every other requisite for happiness, she was blessed with, sans the bliss of being a mother.

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It was their bitter fate, but the world accused her as if she was responsible, but in fact it wasn't hers or her husband's, and everywhere she went, there was something or someone who reminded her about it, that she started to long for one.

It was an ultimatum of desperateness, that enforced her to the thought of ending up her life, leaving behind every other thought of composure, while she heard an excited bang on the door.

Beside the door, her husband stood smiling with an abandoned child and looking into her eyes he said, " This little girl is going to live with a mom who can be so much superior than her genetic mother, What if one door is closed.. There is always another choice, that we ought to explore!!"

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  1. Amazing! This one is really awesome. You took a very different approach to motherhood. :)
    The picture you've chosen just adds to the mood. Keep up the good work. :)

  2. Loved your post!! totally agree with you on that. Motherhood is surely an attitude!! hats off..its a brilliant write up. all the best for the wow! first time at your blog and totally impressed.

  3. Thanks pawan :) Yes it is, na preethi?? well, am so happy that i've impressed you... Keep visiting :)

  4. This is the 29th Mom WoW post I've read so far, and it is the most touching one!

    So true that being a mother is an attitude!

  5. Thank you so much Pro :) True na? I always get such a feeling :)

  6. Emotions of a desperate woman portrayed very well...yeah the soul mates come up with their understanding and get across....
    lovely story

  7. Amazingly just touched my heart . I love to read your stories express such meaningful thoughts in very few words . Keep up the good work :)

    1. Thank you so much doc! That is a great compliment indeed :0 I too love your stories :)

  8. You've portrayed the emotions of a desperate woman extremely well. x

  9. You have said so much in few words :) I have done a post on something similar too :) Well written :)


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