Monday, March 10, 2014

When house becomes a home..

 Where we love is home, Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. - Oliver Wendell Holmes.
 As life goes, we get bonded or attached with things we come across, apparently or not, and one such thing is the House we live... Be it a house with shaggy walls and leaking roofs, or a palace, a house beautifully transforms into a home as people get associated with it. Just think, this moment, someone may be eating, sleeping, cleaning, dancing, watching t. v, making love, or even  praying to have a house for his own, all under their own roofs, called "home".

There live, so many grandfathers and mothers, glued to their houses, despite the desperate calls of  their children staying far apart, just because of the fact that their spouse left their last breath within those four walls. They try to resurrect their loving memories that they both have carried. They treasure their houses, immensely, for it has been the root bearer of their generations..

We have come across many aunties, who keep on cleaning their houses, for they strongly believe that God often visits their clean home, and succeed in changing their houses into beautiful divine temples. And for some, the kitchen windows can be a source of confrontation, where they lament their husband's unexplained anger..

There can I point out many Uncles, or fathers, who conceive the plan of their houses, carry then, in their heart and mind, and beautifully give life to their dreams, just with stones and bricks.. The houses stand still with pride, speaking of their hard work, their undaunted desires and more... I have seen many, who evolve into a different, profound look, once they enter their home. For them, it is a place, where they are themselves, shedding the masks that they carried, outside.. Some where I read somebody saying, "Once I enter my house and lock the door, I feel I am detached completely from the outside world, and I just love it"..

A house becomes a home, if it has love in the air, and if it smells of children.. The walls would be happy to be scribbled by them, the lamps would love to throw light on your marriage photo, and the chime loves to bring in sound of fortune.. I love my home, wherever it was so far, and whichever it is going to be too, and I also believe that my house loves me back too…I say so, because wherever I go, however great it may be, I feel the coziness and comfiness only when I cuddle up with my own pillows  in my own bedroom…

So, let's open up the windows, bring in some fresh air and fragrance, light up a lamp and also, love our home!!

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