Friday, March 21, 2014

A Sunday, so serene!!

All of them in the house, the young couple, the elderly couple and the grown up kid looked seriously tensed, except little Arya. They were talking to themselves, questioning and giving directions to each other, searching desperately in all possible places. 

"Why don’t you search in his toy cart? He usually hides things there. I found my old pair of glasses, last week", said grandpa, putting his heads down, thinking that he may get rebuked for the new pair.

"I already did", hastily answered Anish, the teen.

"Are you sure that we don't have a spare?" asked Ram to his wife, for which she gave a scornful look.

Beneath the bed, under the couch, the racks, shelves in the kitchen, even the bathroom was completely scrutinized, all ending in vain.

"I left it here, when we went for the nap, and I don't understand whichever thief comes for this small thing!! You didn’t' empty the trash after that, right? " the bread winner was in real agony for the lost one, and was blurting with tension, that he couldn't handle.

"Come on dad, things lost will come back to us, some way or the other, and besides, you have no time to hit the door of any shop where you'll get a new one. Why don't you join me for a game of Scrabble, it will be fun. By the time, Arya will discover it from somewhere, soon. Relax!!" sounded a cool Anish, looking back at little arya, who was running around, totally uninfluenced by the chaos.

"It's time for my prayers, I am worried, that it is getting late" said Granny.
"Don't bother ma, we will do it together" replied the younger lady and soon, there filled reverberations of divinity, as they both started to chant their slokas.

Tired of his search, Ram joined Anish for the game, and soon got absolutely engrossed, amazed by the skillful wordplay of his son. They both came up with words, that both didn't realize that they knew.

With Grandpa over the phone, chatting about the upcoming elections, with dad and son playing Scrabble, with  divine mantras chanted, and Anish playing around, un-abused for screaming, the house wore a rare, poised and anonymous look...

At the center of the living room stood a silent, confused(?) Television awestruck by  the serene atmosphere of the beautiful home on a Sunday evening, not knowing that his lost partner was the sole reason for the serenity.
The lost one, the controller of the family as well as the T.V, the remote, was discovered the next day, in Arya's outdoor play area, stuck inside a pile of sand, again by the littlest of the family, and as always just after his father bought a new one!

PS: Out of all odds, I wonder the only (material)pair that would feel happy for being separated would be the T.V and the remote, the T.V for its silence, and the remote for being liberated from the fierce fingering of the entire family!! But, who knows, they too might  be worried, just like any other parted pair!!

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