Friday, March 28, 2014


Lillie McFerrin Writes

Few minutes after the train from Chennai to Jammu whistled a start, their courtship began with a casual grin and an extended handshake, both forcefully trying to get acquainted with their two day companion.

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Their slow conversations carried emotions of surprises, regrets, gratitude, anger and inspiration of their respective lives, they could sense a feeling of mutual respect budding, and they felt so happy for having met.

In the midst of it, both of them would indulge  in reading, but again, within a few minutes they would end up in some sort of discussion, getting enthralled by the similar wavelength of thoughts.

A the destination, minutes after they exchanged hugs and parting, they both realized, of all  things shared, they have missed the most important of all, their contact numbers!!

Searching sheepishly for each other, they both sighed, "Some companions exist for a short time, but their memories last long!"

Written as a part of FSF by lillie mcferrin.


  1. Sadly, it's true. Sometimes we make such a strong connection, but for all too brief a time.

  2. True.. Ann.. Have experienced companionships of that sort, in train travels too :) thanks for stopping by :)

  3. ...just loved it :) Written very beautifully....and the ending line was touchy....
    Please remove the word verification from comment...

  4. Thanks sushree.. Welcome to my blog :) verification?? sorry, Idon't get it..?


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