Saturday, March 15, 2014

A phone for love, a love for phone!!


"You are surely going to crack her brain, no doubt!" squawked the blue jade ear ring that was dangling in Arpita's ears.

Nor the rings, neither the microphone were removed, but she has slid into a doze, unaware, while chatting with her husband who is abroad. With lots of love and memories to add, being married for a year, they were reliving their days before marriage over the phone, twenty four-by-seven hours, again with 'sweet nothings'.

"No honey, why do you get so angry with me? Don't you realize that I am the one, who is intertwining souls together, when they are physically far apart?" the smart phone sounded honestly.

Oh, really? You care of hearts? I never thought so... I thought you have nothing do with hearts. You work with signals and work for signals... You are a … Don't ever tell me that you care for hearts!" whisked the ear ring.

" I am the one who is close to Arpita's heart, and in a way to Arjun too, you must have heard Arjun saying that he is longing to see her in his favorite blue sari with "ME" on, didn’t you?" shrieked the blue one.

"Hmm... you never seem to realize, you came to know that only because of me, you never seem to agree, and all my attempts of befriending you turn into sheer vanity.. You are so adamant.." jittered the phone with a 'good night message', from Arpita's thoughtful husband.

"Befriend me, what nonsense?" mumbled the ear ring silently, carefully veiling the allurement that had already been formed with the smartest smart phone, just because they were being together, strangled for hours, each day.. But she never wanted to show it.. After all, 'she's are supposed to be so!!


"Oh my God! I had slept.." Arpita woke, bewildered. She felt she heard something... "Was somebody talking? Were I dreaming? Or did I hear the doorbell ring?" she sounded confused. With a suspicious look, she eyed on the lens of the door to make sure no one could come at this time of the night, but the sight of a greeting card, protruding halfway thro the door caught her attention. Gasping, she opened it. Inside was written, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING, ALWAYS WITH YOU, and ALWAYS FOR YOU!" and was signed by Arjun.
Tears of ecstasy rolled down her cheeks. Noticing a satin ribbon attached to the card, she slowly opened the door, expecting that there must be some gift attached to the card. And there was a box of cake. "He never gave me a clue that he remembered... that lovable idiot" she smiled to herself, when her phone rang. It was Arjun..
"Arjun!!", she broke down with tears and sobs, mixed emotions of joy, excitement and loneliness running all through her body. "Hey, a birthday baby is supposed to jump in joy with a piece of cake in her mouth, happy birthday, dear and I want you to sound merry, as always". He continued, "Hmm… And…reserve a piece of cake for me too; I am with you, day after tomorrow", pouring more emotions to the poor girl.
Arpita swiveled in the air with a hymn, with a sense of pride, joy and gratitude for her husband, and the blue jade ring danced along, to her tunes, absolutely unaware that it is going to bid farewell to the smart phone!!

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  1. Your first WOW post; I thought you'd be new. :D
    The interaction between the earring and the smartphone was humorous. Good piece. Keep up the good work. :)

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  3. Feeling and sentimental story.


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