Sunday, June 29, 2014

The right time

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Sample this: You get inside an elevator, closing the door but then someone hurriedly opens it and gets inside. That someone happens to be the person you wanted to meet all your life! So what will you do if this elevator breaks down for 10 minutes? How will you use this golden opportunity?

I was totally fed up. The dauntless job-hunt, faithless parents, unrequited love, and faltering friends… what else does one need to hang?

The thought of the HR manager who held the interview that day, even brought tears. "What an offence did he make at my marks?" I hissed.

Life seemed to be a bed of thorns.

"If at all, I could meet the man who created me with such a bad fate?" I agonized to myself.

"I must do something… something that would make everyone turn their heads towards me", I vowed to myself, angrily.

The lift opened and I entered in.

I was surprised to see the person standing inside, he was wearing a long white robe, overflowing white beard, a poise imbibed face, graceful eyes and a pleasing smile.

You might have guessed who he might be, but I did not, that too in such a mood.

Nevertheless, he did not wait for me to ask.

"Son, I come from the 'Heaven'!! Blessed you are! You have had the opportunity to stand before me. Come on, I know what all is happening to you... Go ahead and make a wish! Your life could change", his seamless voice caused tickling reverberations throughout my body.

Off went the power. The lift halted.

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Ten minutes fastened, and the lift was livened again. I had utilized my opportunity to the best. In fact, I was craving for one.

When the lift opened, I walked out briskly feeling, elated in everything. The person in the white robe was standing puzzled of what do with the lift buttons. I had acquired his powers. He was living my life now.

Up in the seventh floor, the HR manager seemed perplexed of why he had lost his job!

Life seemed to be a bed of roses... Of course, until someone smarter than me grabs one such opportunity like what I got!


  1. That's quite a uniquely creative one and so well written. Life may not be a bed of roses but it's what we make of it:)

  2. its a different take and i totally love it ;) !!


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