Saturday, June 21, 2014

Last day of life

Write Over the Weekend inspiration for this time

So, what would you do if you are told that today is the last day of your life? Will you hurriedly attempt to do everything in your bucket list or would you retrospect about life up till now, instead? Your blog post should start with the line, “It is 6 in the morning…”

It is six in the morning, a last morning as it should be.

No cries, no conflicts I would hear tomorrow, nothing I would have to resolve, no worries to spare my heart for.

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 The duties or responsibilities, which I yearn to do or imposed upon, I need not care.

I fancied myself for the mixed emotions that seized my heart, a sickening burden and a relieving sigh, both being extremities.

"I spare you for your children!" the note from God said, and I consoled myself that the outburst of tears was not because I was spared to be fenced in the same old bond in the same old Earth, but because I could not get a glimpse of  the new world I would be in, the Heaven or the hell.

 This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda and  a part of FSF by lillie McFerrin( This week's prompt is 'fenced')


  1. That was very nice, Priya! Very different.....unique thoughts!

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  4. Great job! Written well! I like the lines at the end. :-)

  5. its quite unique! a different thought indeed
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  6. short and different :) good one :)

  7. Short and sweet :) nice one, Priya!

  8. that was very nice..a different treatment to the prompt!

  9. That's a powerful one, Priya and so well written with a bang:)


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