Thursday, June 12, 2014

Liebster, part II

There is too much of appraisals and reciprocation in the air for the past two weeks, that i am overwhelmed not to write anything else, but about me.. Yes.. I nominated a young, but smart and wise, fellow blogger Pawan Hegde who blogs at the Story Kaar, for the Liebster award. He has been too 'Liebster'ic and has nominated me again.. While i was afraid of writing a long post again, he has given me the consent of answering his questions alone.. Now, it is learning more about me, for myself too.. His questions are far more interesting than mine.. and i got a bit tensed about whether Iam answering his questions in the appropriate sense. Anyways, Pawan.. Here i go.. :)

His questions and my answers:

1. Why do you write?
 When I knew that I could do something creative, I started writing, or rather blogging. I write because it feels so nice to see that I can think of something, elaborate, edit it and finally give a feel-good story, for myself as well as you!

2.  Do you have a procedure that you follow when you write a story or a poem?
Nope, I elaborate on the first ever spark that arises when I catch a prompt. So far, I don't like to write ghostly or ghastly, but not sure about the future. I also ensure that my stories lead to an end that is positive.

3.  Do you enjoy reading? If yes, what do you like to read? Poem? Fiction? Comic Books? History of Medieval European Blacksmiths?
 Yes. I love to read romantic fiction and short stories in the time that is left for me, besides searching for the 'bookmarks' and the books too, sometimes!!

4. If you were a character in a book, how would you describe your appearance?
"She was looking as simple as snow, but her eyes and demeanor enticed me that she was someone different! When she carefully let out her words that she had chosen with precision, in a silent but firm tone, I confirmed it once again!"( Too much, but couldn't help!!)

5. How do you think people view you?
 People view me as a stubborn, well-made person, which my stature always suggests, but I am so soft by heart, ready to change and will love to do anything, for the love showered on me .

6. If your life were a movie, which one would it be? And why? 
I am unable to associate my life with a movie.. not only because I don't watch them, but also because no movie would deal with a simple, middle class woman. You either have to be a princess or a pauper! I don't watch movies a lot, even in my mother -tongue.. so if there is any movie that resembles me, someone has to bring it to my notice. That said, years later, if something exciting happens turning my life into an extraordinary affair, I might act in my own life-story! I love to act ;)

7. What do you see yourself doing in 3 years?
 I would have more time to breed my interests, would attempt for a weight-loss, my cooking blog would have emerged, and probably I would get more likes for the photographs that I post, than the likes for the stories penned!

8. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
 The emotional 'me'. I hate the way my eyes yields tears when I get hurt by feelings, when I watch something very touching, or when someone talks to me emotionally.

9.Can you change the above mentioned thing about you? Have you tried? 
Trying hard. But I think it is a manufacture defect! So, he must have said, "go teary for anything and everything", when he created me!!

10. Which is your favourite language? Why? (Expect more than 'it's my mother tongue')
Apart from my mother tongue, Tamil, I love English.. I always wonder how many words does it have, wearing a same-but-slightly-different meaning! I also have an inclination towards Malayalam, the language itself sounds so loving! I also have the idea of learning French along with my son when it's time for him to learn :)

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