Thursday, August 28, 2014

The body-mind conflict

I was a 12-year-old boy, when I started to crave for the girly things, the headbands, the nail polish, the lipstick and the mini skirts.

I do not remember when this started but somehow it has started and was getting augmented day by day.

I did not know what I should do or whom I should discuss this with.
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I could not withstand the conflict between my body and mind, any then and one day, I asked my mother to teach me how to drape a sari.

However, when my father came to know this, he wailed and lamented, bet me up and I was threw away to the streets by my family, and then I draped my own sari.

Written as a part of FSF by Lillie McFerrin. This week's word is 'Conflict'.


  1. It is scary enough for one when mind and body goes into such a conflicting situation, the matter gets worse when no one can understand what you are going through. Sad isn't it.. The agonies of transgenders are never ending..

  2. Poor confused soul.

  3. Very sad...definite conflict from several points of view.

  4. Good take on the prompt! The most scary conflict indeed when you know you can't even confide that with others

  5. it's good that he said it otherwise he would have lived what he don't relate to


  6. that's a true conflict. well written

  7. A very sad story and it is to be read.


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