Saturday, August 2, 2014

The wise army!

"Young women and men, the time we have dreaded so far is finally here!", the eldest of the army announced in a tone of bewilderment.

A wave of agitation arose among the rest of the army and some of them started to shiver,thinking of the days to come.

"Take a breath, relax, collect whatever you have saved and most importantly never leave track of your fellow members, when we start moving", he wavered his hands, promising them hope.

The next morning, they marched on their tracks, studiously following the head of the army, toting the gathered food carefully on their heads.

It rained that night, the next day and the next night, monsoon as it was, but the wise and bustling army of ants was safe and secure in their newly found air pockets, well before!

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as a part of FSF by Lillie McFerrin(this week's word: secure)


  1. ants are hardworking , lots we can learn from them, nice take on the prompt

    My WOW post : Auspicious Rain

  2. Vivid & I loved reading it
    Good wishes

  3. Awww, I loved this one! What serious demeanour for the army of ants :D

  4. Awesome write true bout the ants and the discipline they have. Brilliant:)

  5. I loved your take on the prompt :)


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