Friday, August 15, 2014

College- the root fixer!

He was a hard-worker, and that had brought him to the best college in the country.

The first day, when he held the college map in scrutiny, he felt a lump in his throat, jumbled emotions of happiness and anxiety ran throughout his body.

The next year, when he took his juniors throughout the campus, he smiled to himself thinking of how humongous the college appeared on his first day, and wondered how he was affiliated to its nook and corners in a year's time.

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4 years of ardent learning and the desire to achieve the unreachable heights, revealed him to the best recruiters and within the campus, his future was mapped to excellence.

Today, as he wiped of his welled eyes to catch a better glimpse of his college, when his private chopper flew above it, the college was growing smaller and smaller but the vision it gave, grew wiser and sharper!

Written as a part of FSF by Lillie McFerrin. This week's word is MAPS.


  1. I can totally relate to this post. Every part of it. I used to feel bewildered by the size of the college when I entered. When I went back for the second year it felt like home. When I went for convocation, I felt grateful for the world view it gave me

    1. So true pawan, i was in the same college for 5 years, and then was blessed with the opportunity of working as a substitute lecturer. Each time, U.G, P.G and at work, it gave me lessons which i cherish for a lifetime :)

  2. Good one, dear. Big colleges have these huge campuses that need a lot of effort for discovery & also build up excitement. Wisdom also comes :)

    1. Thanks anita, so true na.. the college maps are as magnanimous as the campuses are :)

  3. a life story in just five sentences , brilliant

    Maps To Peace


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