Sunday, September 7, 2014

The befuddled bridegroom!

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On an important day, you get stuck in a bathroom. What happens next?

I was flabbergasted to hear through the locked doors, what my booze-confused, dear friend was telling my dad.

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"Sure, uncle, he has gone to the Beauty Saloon with Ashik. He told me so, you can lock the door and we can leave now".

He sounded so sure and walked ahead, afraid that a continuing conversation would bring out the traces of yesterday's bachelor party.

And there, they left, finally leaving the hero of the day to ramble in the bathroom.

"Oh my God, am locked up in the bathroom man, who is going to rescue the groom now?" I shouted in a voice that did not even make sense like a voice.

The after effects of singing aloud and screaming on the stag party!

"Oh, what am I going to do now?", I was terrified.

They would expect me to reach the marriage hall from the saloon, they would wait and wait, and what would they think?

That the groom had eloped?

"Kanishka, how am I going to explain you?", her thought gave me Goosebumps.

I decided that I had to become a superman to get out of the bathroom if I wanted to get married on the same day at the decided time.

I gained all my efforts and with a scream, I banged on the door and that is what I last remember...

How some distant uncle of my aunt's nephew who deliberately needed a bathroom rescued me at the neck of the moment was a real epic, as I heard from everyone else.

In addition, how many days, efforts and gifts it needed for making Kanishka  believe that I did not drink on the night before my marriage is another great sequel, that I can tell!


  1. That's an interesting tale, Priya! At least the shubh muhurat wasn't missed :)


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