Sunday, September 14, 2014

Celebration- one of it's kind

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Write about an unexpected celebration.

The ragged walls of the shabby house too seemed to reverberate the sudden excitement and anxiety of its inmates. It could not be called as a house, may be as a 'room for living'.
"Are you sure that this is for us and no one will come behind to snatch it back from us, did you check whether it isn't stale, did you close the door for the stray dogs?", the restless lady was stunning her husband with endless questions.

"No doubts, this is for us and it is perfectly fresh. It was part of the celebration. The minister's supporters have been making it a great one. I was happy that I could make four of it. Come on, leave away your worries and unfold it. Let us have it today."

"I am still afraid, let us taste it before we give it to our children, the lady for whom I work, always gives me food that is days old and the little one suffers after eating that"

They opened the bags, they both drooled as the spicy smell of biryani, and the sweet smell of laddoos filled their little room.

On eating, the children knew for the first time how a spicy dish would taste and the family savored every tiniest part of what they had for that night, longing to have more and more.

The children giggled at each other holding their pieces of laddoo, the dessert for their day and their mother heaved a long sigh at them with a filled heart and an unfilled tummy.

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"Daddy, when will the Minister's next birthday come?" asked the big one innocently.

The tired father stared at his wife pathetically, brooding over his inability to give the children food of that sort on his own.

A few streets apart, the minister was adding 'kick' to his birthday, unconscious of how a part of his birthday celebrations has been an unexpected celebration of food for a family that day, though never will he be…


  1. So true.
    Some people splurge & have this everyday, while for others it's a grand celebration.

  2. It's good the minister unknowingly brought some happiness into the lives of this family!

  3. It's a heart touching story...I always love the way you write . It's honestly a WOW :)

  4. Very touching but thats the harsh truth in our country. Well written Priya


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