Friday, January 10, 2014

I too am in love!( not the Tamil cinema way!!)

I never flew through the clouds in glee,
Rain did drench me, fire always hurt me..
Hunger always stroke me, and food was in taste!
I never danced on flowers, nor did an Orange I waste..
Friends never became enemies,
parents never became dummies!!
I never wore glossy attires, different through the year round..
I never got breaks, to sing in a place, trees around..
I didn't grow younger as days went,
The World wasn't in melancholy, when i was in torment..
For my love ain't solely, purely epic,
it is truly, wholly like a wick
the beacon of satisfaction
which hopes to enlighten a generation
The love of a life is far beyond words or things or places,
It is the silent "handshake of hearts",
an understanding of flaws, rejoicing of goodwill,
and a promise of belief!!
So, I too am in love, i believe!!


  1. It is the silent "handshake of hearts", Touching words.

  2. moreover you never had a BGM playing when u did every other thing in love.. :)


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