Tuesday, September 17, 2013

An ode to my dad!

He was not pampered as I was.. but he never defended me being pampered,
He didn’t wait for hands to help him walk, but never failed to hold us,
He was never disheartened when people mocked for 3 girl children, instead he always made us feel elited..
He never regrets for not having a son, instead he loves his sons-in-law..
He is a man of energy, never denies our cravings,
He is a man of determination, never bothers for what is gone,
A man of control, never longs for what isn’t his anymore,
A man of dignity, never waits for the mis spelt word to be corrected,
A man of virtues, reputed among his friends..
A man of ability, raised us with everything complete..
A man of untiring efforts, trying and learning new age technologies,
A man of  high spirit, rising from hazards that put him to bed,
A man of unconditional love, his grand children will tell..
He means a lot to us.. so is he to many others too..
He is the first man of my life and indeed the best!!

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